Monday, March 11, 2013

March 4, 2013 Last Night in the MTC!

Last nights in the MTC!

The Ammon district girls discovered they fit in the drawers under our beds. Talk about a heart attack when I walked into my room and found them there. haha.

This is us with two of our teachers. Sister Matapo just got back from Birmingham 2 months ago, so I LOVED talking to her about it. Sister Loynes just got married two weeks ago(to another MTC teacher), and she is the CUTEST thing...she's tiny and Irish. haha. Her testimony was so strong, and I could tell she really loved us.

I finally got a pic with the MTC sign! No procrastination there! haha.

Preston Temple at night. My district went up there and sang Ye Elders of Israel (which was basically our district song) really softly on the last night. It was so spiritual, and a great way to say goodbye

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