Monday, October 28, 2013

Tut tut, looks like rain! (From a hurricane!)

We had a Zone P-Day today. So my email is nice and short. And late. (So I will respond to all emails next week.)
We had a talent show, and it was absolutely hilarious. It was the first talent show I’ve been to in my whole life that I’ve actually enjoyed. It was legit. And I did the “I Once had a Chicken” song.  Hopefully I live that down.
This week has been good. We’ve gotten soaked, we’ve gotten bashed, we’ve  gotten lost. And I’ve learned and loved it. Unfortunately it seems to be in the hardest weeks that I’ve grown the most...and I want to grow. So good thing hard weeks come! :)

How do I tell you every wonderful little moment each week? I wish I was good enough with words to convey everything to you. But you’ll just have to make do with what little I can share.

Yesterday we met a family and started teaching them (I know! A family! Life just does not get better than teaching a family.) The little one year old just would not stop smiling at me—she tottered over to me and just held on to my boots and stared at me and smiled for a most  of the lesson. Oh it just melted my heart.

Monica’s English wasn’t too hot, so we mostly taught Max. It was seriously the most perfect lesson I’ve ever sat in on. And not because of us at all. Max is just so prepared. He asked the most AMAZING questions. We taught the Restoration lesson backwards, which was a bit of an experience for me.

But it was interesting. Max was raised in a Christian faith where he was taught that only certain people (the leaders of his faith) can feel the Holy Ghost. And he hated that. We shared that ANY man can do the will of the Lord and then know it is true (John 7:17 and five gazillion other places in the scriptures). How horrible to think that you couldn’t receive confirmation for the Lord for what He wants you to do!

I felt like the entire lesson was just so entwined with testifying of the Holy Ghost. How could you have hope if you thought you couldn’t know?

 And he told us that it’s something he wants more than anything else—to know that God is there and that He cares for him and his family.

And so I asked what has become my favourite question to ask: “If you came to know this was true, what would you do?” (I use it as a lead in for the baptismal question)

And I loved his answer. He looked us straight in the eye and said: “I’d change my life.”

I love when the Spirit is just so strong in the lesson. He KNOWS.

As a missionary, my job is so simple. We are children of God. We lived with Him before we came to live here. I just testify of what they already know. And the Holy Ghost brings all things to their remembrance.

That’s it. It’s a cinch.

If you came to know it was true, what would you do? What are you doing?

Sister Miller

Monday, October 21, 2013

Put the bodies in the missionaries are coming on Friday.

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Date: Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 7:02 A

Hiya, family!

If I was the Wicked Witch of the West, I would have melted this week. Many many times over. I love the rain. Which is good, because it does that a little bit here. In fact right now, it's pounding on the roof of the library quite loudly.

Oh man. I thought I broke the weather opening line habit. Oh well!

And in case you read the subject line (who actually does), one of our recent converts wrote that into his "talk" he prepared to share with us. It was hilarious.

Can I just say Martin is like my favourite person ever? He's so frustrating. It's great. But he is reading in 2Nephi now, and he LOVES it. (Of course he does. There's nothing much better.)

For some reason, he really struggles on Saturdays. He just feels like he is "trapped" and miserable on Saturdays. And he doesn't know what to do. He asked his pastor, and his pastor gave him five tips to improve his Saturdays: "1. Stop meeting with the Mormons." hahaha. I got a kick out of that. Especially because Martin read 2Nephi 4 on Saturday, and he said that brought him more joy and peace than he's felt on a Saturday for a long time. It really resonated with him.

So I guess my list for him to have better Saturdays: 1. Become a Mormon.


Because let's face it. The Book of Mormon is incredible. There is no way Joseph Smith wrote it. It's my greatest resource and refuge. I'm reading in 3Nephi 27, and I just love it. (I've been there for three days and just keep learning more and more.)

And if you want a free copy, go to and request one. ;)

So, we were tracting one day. In the rain. (Which, in case you ever think of me and wonder what I'm doing, simply picture that.). And I think someone must have been passing out Grumpy pills, because I've never met ruder people in my life. It was getting to be almost funny just how grumpy they were.

And then this girl opened the door, and let me tell you. She just glowed with happiness. She was really excited to talk to us, and she said: "Hold on, I'll get my mam and then you can teach both of us. If that's okay."

Umm, let me think about that for a second. Of course it's okay!!!!!

And then her mom comes out, and I can almost hear the angels singing.

And then her mom says: We may be religious, but we don't go around inflicting it on other people.


Cue heartbreak.

I mean this scene happens in one way or another about 100 times a day, but for some reason this girl felt different. But, we're missionaries. So we just kept going. We finished knocking the street, wandered up another and GQ'ed for a bit, and gradually made our way back to the car.

We were about to get in, and we hear someone yell: WAIT!!!!!!

I turned around, and there was this girl! She was so out of breath. She said: "Wait. I'm sorry about my mam, but my grandma just died. But I want to talk to you. I've wanted to meet missionaries for ever so long. Would you mind just talking to me about what you believe?"

And so we did. We stood there and taught this 14year old girl. The Spirit was so strong. We just stood there in the pouring rain and testified. And she just glowed. I've never seen someone respond to the Spirit so quickly.

I feel like I can't convey how precious it was. I just felt so humbled by it. This girl chased us down, running up and down streets just to look for us. She knows God is there. She knows He answers her prayers. She knew we were sent to find her.

I love the tender mercies of the Lord. I can't even describe it. I don't know how it will go with her (with her mom being so...unpleasant.) But Charlotte Anne is one of the reasons I was supposed to be a missionary. I know without a doubt that that small instant was no "coincidence". She's why I'm am where I am.

And I love that. I love that she matters so much to the Creator of the Universe that He would let that happen. The worth of a soul is so great to our Heavenly Father! And I love getting those little glimpses of it.

Basically, being a missionary is incredible. Each day is so precious.


Sister Miller

Ps. If you have been wondering as to the lack of pictures, my comp's camera cord has apparently grown legs and run away. So there may not be some for a few weeks. But just imagine rain. And beautiful countryside. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Same subject as always. Missionary stuff!

This week was so amazing. I feel like my testimony of my Heavenly Father's love for and awareness of me grows so much each week. I think I mentioned that we keep having people make appointments and cancel on us, yeah? (Oh man. I have to break the habit of saying that. It's a Valleys things that they say a sentence and add “yeah?” at the end. It's like they doubt that I can listen to a whole sentence unless they are checking my comprehension.)
Anyway. We kept getting flogged on this same street. We got flogged FOUR times on it. Which is ridiculous, yeah? And we didn't just set up appointments on the doorstep--some of them we met in town and they just happened to live on this street. So, basically, I was starting to HATE Darby Crescent. On Tuesday, this lady asked us to come back in an hour. So an hour later, we come trooping up the steps. And find a very very dark house. I could hear her inside. Subtle, right? I'd rather just be told that you aren't interested!
And the next day we got a text with a Media Referral. I don't know about other missions, but those are rare and precious here. And guess where this lady lived? Darby Crescent. She'd seen us coming and going on her street and wondered what we were up to. Then, we had GQ'ed her in town, but she felt so vulnerable because her dad had just died so she didn't want to talk. I have no idea how she found the website. I have no idea how she even figured out what church we represented! Basically, she is a miracle. And the gospel will bless her life so much!
It's been really frustrating few weeks, but Heavenly Father wanted us to find Sarah. Each heartbreak on Darby Crescent was totally worth finding her. She's a young mom. She's incredible. It probs sounds way weird, but I just love her so already. I feel like I can sense just how much she means to her Father in Heaven.
Basically, I'm excited.

This week, Martin told the member in the lesson that he knows when he meets with us that I would lay down the law, and my companion would explain why. Which I find hilarious. For some reason I just know I can be really bold with him. Example: Martin told me he tends to procrastinate. So I asked him to read Alma 34:32-34 and reflect on how he thought that applied to his life. He loved it.

On Friday, we went to Benbow Farm and the Gadfield Elm chapel. (I think the pics from it are up on the mission's blog.) It was incredible. It was so humbling to sit in the oldest operating chapel in the world and think of the purity and the faith of these people and the sacrifices they made. We sang More Holiness Give Me. It was utterly brilliant. The hymn just expressed everything. I felt like my heart would burst. And I guess that's what drives me. I'll do whatever it takes to become better each day. I love it so.

Yesterday my ward was reorganized. It was combined with the Merthyr Tydfil Ward, and we are now the Merthyr Tydfil First Ward. Most of the members expected it, but some were floored by it. I am now so grateful for my Corry/Warren pinball experience. I feel like I was specifically called to be here for these people at this time for a purpose. I feel like I understand what they are feeling. So it'll be an uphill climb. But it'll be so good for the ward. And I look forward to helping them see that.

If you have a few minutes to spare, go look up D&C 27:15. In it, we are given three directives. Follow all the footnotes and see what you learn. It blew my mind. But the scriptures do tend to do that a lot.

Random tidbit of the week: I miss tumbledryers. I think the first time I get to use one again, I may cry with joy. But I'll miss their radiators. They are great for drying out your coat during lunch break or for having a hot towel when you get out of the shower. There should be some happy medium of here and home with Cafe Rio and crumpets where I can be ridiculously happy. haha.
Random fact: There are 3 million people in Wales. 7 million sheep. Which are easier to chase. But harder to baptise. ;)
Another random factoid. Chasing sheep is illegal in Wales.


Sister Miller

Friday, October 11, 2013


Can I just say I have the BEST family in the world? Really. I opened up my emails today and spent forever just reading them and loving them. The video Dad sent of Emery melted my heart. And gave me a slight panic attack. She’s not my baby anymore!! So much has changed since I left home.

My family is so good. Which I thought of so often this past conference weekend.

I feel like each missionary has their personal study “rants” that they go back to again and again. I shared one a few weeks ago about coming to look like Christ. Did you notice how many conference talks mentioned that?? My other is about learning the value of work. That’s what we are here to do! And it won’t stop with this life. So our task is to learn to LOVE work. Not being busy, but enjoying working. And I grew up with such an example of that. Exhibit A: My father! Exhibit B: Oh! Hey! That’s my dad again. (He must’ve finished working on Exhibit A and moved to Exhibit B).

So, if you can’t guess: my favourite talks were Ulisses Soares and Edward Dube. SO. GOOD. Basically, it was my study rants. In Conference. It was great. Preach it, Brethren. And I loved Elder Scott’s. And Elder Holland's. And President Monson’s. Actually, let's be real, I just loved them all. I was so sad last night when the last session was over. BUT, it’s okay. I’m in the UK...there is another session I haven’t listened to yet! (It’s like “Mrs. Claus” for Conference! J)

And as a side note, I would like to mention that I didn’t bribe any of the Apostles to talk about member missionary work. It is just true doctrine. My favourite sentence of PMG is: As your understanding of the Atonement increases, your desire to share the gospel will increase. And that’s so true! And it doesn’t have to be fancy. And if you are super shy about it...share it until you aren’t! J It’s perfect. It’s pure. It’s restored.

Ah. Conference. A year ago yesterday changed my life and answered a prayer so private I hadn’t told anyone. I KNOW there is a living day prophet who receives revelation. It’s a beautiful thing. And it is meant to change each of our lives. So, shall we finish, or shall we falter?

As for the rest of this week, it’s been crazy. We LITERALLY had TEN working hours in our area this week. Ten! How do you function only doing 10 hours of missionary work?? But Heavenly Father was so good to us.
Remember how I said last week was the FIRST time I’d ever been let in while door knocking? Well, we got let in again. I was in shock. Is this real life? And Gareth and Jane were lovely. Basically, Heavenly Father knew we wanted to do our best in our own area, but that we had limited time. So we just had loads of miracles crammed in to itty bitty living space. And then we had Conference. Talk about AMAZING.
And our exchanges this week were SO good. I love learning from these Sisters.

And that’s pretty much it.

Except for a random comment:

I was really hoping that I could learn how to imitate the accents over here. Well, no. It’s just too beautiful to even attempt. But I have perfected my American accent.

Everyone thinks that Americans sound like one of two things:

1.       OMG. Like, totally. Like, SO TRUE. Like, what was she thinking?
2.       I thought I saw a UFO, but it turns was just a dead squirrel.

If you can't figure out the voices for those in your own head, well. Try again.

I love you! Have a great week!!!
Sister Miller

This is the view from Wolf's Castle. We took our lunch break here the other day. Is this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen or what??

Tewkesbury Abbey. Built in 1121. Which kinda blows my mind.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This weekend is conference. I am more excited than a man in a Home Depot store.

This  past week I had pretty much my favourite missionary day ever.

Basically what it was was Sister Reed and I were on exchange in Swansea. We were trying a new finding technique out for the first time, and it was AMAZING! We invited NINETY-FIVE people to do something!  All in one day! It was ridiculously awesome. Which I’m sure to everyone reading this thinks I’m super weird.

Uh, shoulda figured that out already.


But without going onto a HUGE tangent to explain all the circumstances, basically we worked harder than we both knew we were capable of. And there were HUGE miracles as a result.

We found this incredible woman named Jemma. We knocked her door and started talking to her. Her three year old daughter peeked around the corner. I smiled at her, and she turns and goes “Mummy, you should let them come in.” So Jemma waved us in.

What? That has NEVER happened before. I have never been invited inside a house while tracting (except for one time when they thought we were some of their party guests. Haha).

Made me think of Alma 32:23. :D Jemma would never have invited us in if Jess hadn’t decided she wanted us to come inside. But she let us in, and we had a brilliant first lesson. And she invited them to come back. And she is SO ready for the Gospel. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Basically, it was a HUGE miracle, and it was exactly what those Sisters needed in that area. So, unfortunately, I won’t get to see Jemma grow and change, but they will. And that’s what matters. Man I love my mission.

And we met with Martin again this week. We taught the Word of Wisdom. Let’s just say he has interesting theories about having an individual Word of Wisdom. It was pretty entertaining. So just keep him in your prayers. He did NOT accept it by any means.

But he will. It’s a commandment! And if he sincerely asks he’ll get that witness.

All of my investigators are kinda at that point. Which is frustrating. But good. (At least that's what I tell myself so I don't freak out.)

Someday I’ll tell you more details, but basically this week has been full of witnesses that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be at exactly the right time. I’m here for a reason. I’ve never felt more sure of anything in my life.

The church is true. The gospel is perfect. When we apply it in our lives, we are magnified in ways we didn’t know were possible.

I met a man named Peter Evans this week. He’s Welsh. He and two missionaries “fresh off the boat” were the first members in Newcastle Emlyn. From their work, there is now a chapel and a ward  there. He’s in his 80s now. His hands shake. His memory’s gone. But he spoke with such faith and strength as he sat there and told me about his vision of having a temple in Wales.
And that’s what the gospel comes down to. And how I love it!
Sister Miller


It's almost the anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. It's heartbreaking. The mountain slid down on a school, killing 116 children in 1966. We went to the Garden of Remembrance (which stands where the school used to be) and the cemetery. I can't really describe the experience. People bring it up on the street all the time as a reason why they don't believe in God. But when something like that happens, how can you not? How can you move on without that faith?

It is now "winter". I think normal people would call in Monsoon Season. ;)

Seriously, I opened my email this week to the BEST emails ever.

Tony FINALLY got baptised and Sister Roscher sent me a pic.

Emilee got her mission call!!!! Ah!!

Carolyn emailed me, and it was marvellous!

My old YSA bishop (who helped me so much last summer when I was quitting my job) emailed me.

And of course my fam’s emails always pic me up.

Basically, reading them made my day. The first ten minutes after I log in to my email is always the highlight of my P-Day.

I may force people to write me emails and letters even after I come home. I just love it. Phone calls? No. Emails? YES.

Rare experiences of the week:

*I now know for a fact that Peter Pan is real. I met Schmee on Saturday! He has escaped Neverland and is terrorizing Wales.      Actually, what happened was we were walking in town and suddenly this chav walks up to us and asks if we knew Scooby Doo. Next thing I know he is introducing me as Velma and kissing me on the cheek. Thank you, sir. This drunk man routine is getting rather old. I may begin wrapping myself in Saran wrap when we go out. But on the bright side, I’m pretty sure he actually was Schmee.

*As we were bearing testimony to this guy about how the gospel blesses our lives, he starts bearing HIS testimony on how Call of Duty has prepared him to deal with his daily life. I was confused at first. It took me a few minutes to realize he was talking about a video game so it was really disorientating. To each their own, I guess.

*My comp and I were proposed to twice. Yes! Post mission options, sign me up! (That’s a joke!)

*I GQ’ed an Area Seventy this week. How often does THAT happen?

*I hit my companion with the car.

    Yep. You read that right. It was just a bad week, and I had to deal with it somehow.
    Easy target.
          That’s kind of a joke. I mean, it wasn’t that bad of a week, and I prefer to use the

                And she will admit that it was her fault.

Funney week, eh?
Because this was the kind of week where you either laughed or cried the whole time. I chose laughter. And as you can see, it worked out pretty well.


Yesterday we met the most amazing woman named Jayne. It was almost like someone had paid her to have all the right questions about the gospel. We were just talking on her doorstep and she just poured out her soul

 She just lost a family member and doesn’t know how to deal with it. She has a baby and wants to know what will best help her raise her daughter. She doesn’t understand how people who have experienced loss can be so happy. She said she wants the “light in her eyes” that she saw we have.

Did you get excited reading that? Because I loved teaching her. It was just amazing testifying to her. She could feel the Spirit, and asked if that was how she knew something was true. Um, yes. Basically it was amazing and I am SO stoked to go see her this week.


I love being a missionary.

And I just had SO many powerful personal witnesses this week that the gospel is true. I’m going to rant about them to my parents and then they can choose what to share.

Basically, being a missionary is hard some days. We’ll go three or four hours without people even taking a pass-along card. And the Welsh feel rude saying no, so they’ll set up appointments and accept commitments and then flog you. (That happened sixteen times this week. Ridiculous.) But there are so many tender mercies that make this the best thing I have ever done. And I plan on it shaping my entire life.

So I love it. Loads.

And I love my area.

And I love my calling.

And I just love the whole thing.

Ta ra

Sister Miller

PS. No pics. My battery died. Which is too bad because I had some AWESOME ones to send you!! It’s okay though. I will bore you to death showing them to you over and over at some point. Haha.