Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy British Mother's Day! (Yesterday.)

First of all. Can someone do me a hugely ginormous favour??????????????????????

Go to Julie Bonner's FB page and post this TODAY:     JULIE. I deserve the worst friend ever award. I WILL send you a letter. But I just wanted to make sure that you knew I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, and I am so glad to call you my friend. You have done so much for me. Truly. I can't wait to play catch up, but until then have a GREAT birthday and know I love you! xxxx

Okay. Whew. Thank you in advance for doing that.

Some weeks, I can feel the power of prayers at home, and literally feel strengthened by them. My testimony of the power of prayer has grown leaps and bounds, and so much of that comes from others. I am so blessed to have so many miracles each day.

On Saturday afternoon, we were heading out of the flat, and I felt like I had hit a wall. I felt like I had given everything I could for the day and could not give any more. As I was locking the door to our flat, I was just praying that something would happen that would enable me to work. I wanted to work and I wanted to do my best, but it just felt beyond me.
As we started to head out, I had the thought to check the post. Now, I never get post at the flat (only from the mission home). And I never check it (for myself)because of that. At first I dismissed the thought, thinking that maybe I was just trying to buy a little bit more time.
But I have learned how to recognize a coming tender mercy of the Lord.

So I checked the post.
And guess what was there.

A letter.

And surprise of all surprises, it was for me!
One of my favourite members from Merthyr had thought to send me a note. It was so sweet. And do you know my favourite part: “Keep working hard, it’s missionaries like you that are the reason our families came into the church.”
I just stood there and started crying. My poor companion probably thought I had lost it.
But I was just so thankful.
The Lord was fully aware of me, and He prompted someone to take action, and they did it. I needed that tender mercy. The Lord cares enough about each of us to coordinate little miracles like this.
And we saw miracles that night because I was able to go past the point where I thought I could give anymore. I learned such a powerful lesson.
And then we talked about this quote in Gospel Principles the next day:
“God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs.”

I gained such a testimony of that this week.
I love the small and simple things.

And speaking of small and simple: the weather has been beautiful this past week. You’ll never guess what I saw. The sun. Yep, it was pretty beautiful.
Yesterday we needed to get to Penarth and had no other way to get there besides an hour long walk along the bay. Cardiff is seriously the most beautiful city. I am so in love with it.

And that’s it for this week! Today we are going to play rugby with the Elders for our District P-Day. I am stoked. (Don’t worry….it’s double-hand touch. No tackling. Haha)

I love you all!

Sister Miller

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is officially here!

hello, family!

So, basically I have 30 minutes to email today... as a result of a long, not happy story. haha.

So this email? Short and sweet.

This week, I was privileged to read one of the best talks that has ever been given. It's called His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. It was beautiful. He compares the Atonement to piano lessons. It is the most beautiful, perfect analogy that I have ever heard. And he said that the point of living the gospel is change. I love that. The purpose is to change ourselves completely. And that only happens when we trust our Father enough to do His will, completely.

And that's what I'm working on. It's been a bit of a rough week. But I love the opportunity to begin again this week.
One of our investigators told us each time he opens the Book of Mormon he finds the answer to questions he has wondered about his whole life.
I love that. That book is so true. It adds so much to our understanding of the Atonement, the fall, agency, revelation, and the nature of God. And much more of course. Our understanding would be incomplete without the plain and precious truths recorded by ancient prophets.

I love you all. Have a good week. The time change is this weekend here. I am not looking forward to less hour of sleep, who came up with that?
But on the bright side, then it''s conference!  I have so many questions already. It is going to be so good.

Have a good week!

Sister Miller

Monday, March 17, 2014

Just one story this week

Today, I am in Wales. I have an English Companion. There are Scots everywhere in kilts because of the rugby match this past weekend, and I am celebrating St Patrick's Day. Talk about a British day. haha.

This letter will be brief. J Not really. I just have one crazy story that I want to tell and I want to paint it clearly.

I have had a crazy, emotional, up and down week. I can’t even describe it. So I will just go with one story.

The sisters were teaching a man named Tim when I got here. He was on a baptismal date but had only had a few lessons. I was here for quite a few of his lessons, and he was meant to be baptised this past week. He had passed his baptismal interview and everything.
We had an appointment with him on Thursday, the night before the baptism. He shows up and we were excited for the lesson we had planned.

(Oh, and just to give you an idea: picture a “surfer dude” look in his 40s… Tim has long hair and a permanent tan and all his wrinkles are smile wrinkles. He has such kind eyes and is one of the most kind people I have met.)

Anyway. He shows up and sits down and says that he has something to confess that he should have done a long time ago.

If that doesn’t send up a red flag, I don’t know what would.

And this is what he says: “Sister Miller, I’ve kind of already told Sister Reed this before you came. But I want to make sure you know who I am.”

Again, I was freaking out on the inside---what is he going to say????????

And he says: “I am actually Christ the Lord. I am the promised Second Coming of the Messiah.”


There was like a minute of dead silence where he just stared at me and I just stared back. (This week, I learned the true meaning of the word flabbergasted.)

Tim: “I can see you don’t know what to say to that.”

That would be the understatement of the year. How do you respond to that???????????

And the silence carried on. I looked at my companion but she was as shocked and unsure as I was.

Great. Okay.
So I asked him a few questions. ~He said he first knew he was the “second Christ” when Madonna served him champagne and told him he was the “big amigo”.
He laughed at me when I asked if he thought he was the return of the same Christ from Jerusalem. He said: Don’t be silly, He lived 2000 years ago.

Of course. Don’t be silly Sister Miller. Ridiculous question.

At that moment, I said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever said. I needed God’s words, mine would not suffice.

And then suddenly, I could feel the power and authority of my calling. I knew without a doubt Who I have been set apart to represent, and I just started testifying. I had no idea what I was saying until I could hear myself say it.  I testified of who Christ actually was. I said that Christ has been the same since before the foundation of the world. I testified that Christ was Jehovah,  that He spoke to every prophet before His birth, giving clear signs so we could not be led astray. His disciples in America and Jerusalem handled His Resurrected body, and gained a personal witness of His wounds and His role of Saviour. I said that Joseph Smith offered a witness that it has been the same Christ throughout the history of the world.

I told him that that was the Christ that I was the disciple of, and it was that Christ who would come again in great power and glory. The only scripture I could think of was in D&C 45:52 ( which is also in Zechariah 13 I believe) and I told him that (if for no other reason)  he could not be Christ because it was the same Person who would return, and the wounds in His hands and feet would clearly testify that He was the Redeemer of the World.

I never imagined I would bear testify of Christ like that. It’s a little weird to say, but I learned so much. The Spirit just testified to me so strongly of the nature of Christ, and Who it is that I serve and am looking to return.

I wish I could just convey how weird this situation was to you. He asked if I “accepted” him even when he was not what I expected, and I said: “No. I know who I serve, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And He has not yet returned.”

The Spirit was so overpowering. In case I had wondered if he was telling the truth, I had such a distinct witness that he was not. I am so grateful for prophets, that they recorded their testimonies and revelations so that I could have clear signs that could testify to me who Christ truly is.

Then he turned to my companion and asked if we should adjourn the meeting. I thought he was asking her to leave with him and I had a minor heart attack.

Some other crazy things happened, but that’s enough for you to get the picture.
It kinda broke my heart though. This man may be slightly crazy now, but he is my brother. And I would give anything for him to accept the truth.

So that’s my crazy story for the week.

The plan for this week is to not have any more stories like this. :)

But. I love you. have a good week!!!!!!!!!

Sister Miller

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Guess what. The sun is SHINING. It's beautiful. Life does not get better than this.

This past week was transfers.
Again I was NOT looking forward to it. Erego why I didn’t really dwell on it and mention it.
It’s kinda like a forced breakup. Oh, hey, you are totally happy here and loving your life? Good. You’ll leave on Wednesday. Thanks.
And let me just tell you, leaving Merthyr was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But you know what, it is totally called of God. And that’s the miracle of being a missionary. You have a forced break up and then can madly fall in love with your new area.

Maybe I should stop waffling and tell you where I am.

I stayed in Wales, which was an unexpected  but pleasant surprise. (There aren’t too many areas in the Wales part of the mission compared to England.)

I am in …………. CARDIFF!!!!

And oh my goodness I am so madly in love with this city. I’ve been here on exchanges loads of times and was beyond all excited to come here. There’s just energy in this city. ( I have this image in mind from Oliver & Co where they are singing about the rhythm of NY. Like that, but better.)There is so much wonder and potential here. It’s so invigorating.

Also. I got released from being Sister Training Leader. Which was bittersweet. I loved that extra opportunity to serve and was so blessed to have that calling. President called and released me and told me that he’d never seen anyone work harder than I had for the last five transfers. Which meant a lot to hear him say that, to be honest.

But, for the first time on my mission (and I’ve been out a year!), I am a “normal” missionary. I’m not a greenie, I’m not training, I’m not Sister Training Leader.

I’m just me.

Sister Miller.

And I have the full time and talents to give solely to my own area. It seriously just feels so good.

And there are so many good things happening in Cardiff. We have solid investigators, and the potential to just work so wholeheartedly. The mantra I’ve had my whole mission is that I can work harder. And that’s what we are going to do.

(If you can’t tell I am more excited than chocaholic in a candy store, then you don’t know me.)

We’ve taught so much already since I’ve been here. We were teaching this one guy named Bobby. We are thinking of dropping him because he is just not progressing, but that’s another story. He asked why God wanted praise. He said that he was confused why a perfect all-powerful God would need us to say thank you.

And the Spirit taught me an important lesson when I answered, one I've heard a million times but just needed to internalize. God doesn’t need us to say thank you to validate Himself. We are to be grateful and thankful because of the change it renders in us. Isn’t that amazing? God is our perfect loving Heavenly Father. That is a lesson I have learned over and over again on deeper levels and I am so thankful for that lesson.

Top miracle of the week: Amirah got baptised and I got to go back to Merthyr to see it. Even just getting there was a miracle—all trains were suddenly cancelled (we think someone may have jumped on the tracks) and we caught the only bus by just a minute.

Basically, this week in a nutshell: The tender mercies of the Lord are overwhelming, and I will do all it takes to serve Him fully.
In Cardiff. :)


Sister Miller


Okay. So this is one of my fave shots from last PDay. We went to an old mine and went down in it. Like, we wore proper mining gear and explored, and then went to a castle. It was fabulous and just amde me appreciate this people so much more. I can't see if this is the one that had a rainbow visible in it, but there are some of those ones somewhere.

Oh yeah. PS. My new comp is Sister Reed, who is from Cambridge. She actually came out into the field with Sister Roscher's group. She is a rock

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy St David's Day!

Good morning, America! This has been such a good week. Really. Saturday was St. David's Day. I was SO glad to be in Wales for it! There was a Stake Twmpath on Saturday night to celebrate it.

In case you were wondering, a Twmpath is a Welsh barn dance to traditional music. They had a live folk band. All week we were madly inviting everyone we could to it. Basically it was like my favourite thing of my life.
A few people we had seen on Ward Reach Out Night came. It was pretty entertaining to watch this one older lady dance with the stake president. I could totally picture my dad doing the same thing.
The Elders joined in to one of the dances. Watching them do the promenade together was absolutely hilarious. I about fell out of my seat. (Basically, I love good clean fun.)

I hate to tell you, but I think I prefer St David's Day to Dr Seuss day. All the girls were in traditional red checked Welsh dresses and the boys had soot on their faces. (In honour of the miners.) Basically the cutest thing of my life. My poor children are going to wonder why their mother is dressing them up and blackening their faces. Haha.

This week, my favourite moment was in a lesson with Stephen and Carys. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and you could just see that I made sense to them. Carys asks the most beautiful, simple questions in the world. She asked if we thought God cared enough about her to know everything she went through. Isn't that just beautiful? My heart was just so full as I testified to her that I knew God did. Each one of His children are infinitely precious. He doesn't have a file-o-facts about you. He knows you. He understands you. And through applying the Atonement of His Son, you can change. I love that promise.
And something I have seen over and over again is that the Spirit brings confidence. And it does. We invited them to be baptised on a date, and quiet Stephen said with full confidence: I would. I would do that.
The Spirit was just so strong. I am so grateful we get to make covenants with our Father in Heaven. Nothing else makes sense. I have such confidence in His promises.

Onward and upward. I love you!
Read Mosiah 2 this week.
Sister Miller

Saturday, March 1, 2014


We had a....surprising week. Amirah was supposed to get baptised, absolutely nothing to stop her. We were excited; her family's come such a long way.
The night before the baptism, which was supposed to be Tuesday, we get a text from our Bishop, saying the baptism is off. Pardon? Why in the world would the baptism be off, and why was Bishop the one telling us??
Apparently Amirah's father (who's a Muslim) made some really severe threats, and they were worried about the family's safety if it went forward. Amirah didn't even know....the poor girl was absolutely gutted. And now they are going through the spiral of legal complications getting everything sorted with the father. What do you do? I just felt so helpless.
All week I was praying so fervently for them. What could I say? What was right? And we weren't sure. We didn't feel confident about anything
We came up with and rejected so many ideas. In fact, it wasn't until we were praying right before we went into the lesson that we knew what we were supposed to share with them. We opened to 3 Nephi 11 and read the first few verses. We talked about how Heavenly Father is so pleased with His Son, and why. We just bore our testimonies that even when things are hard, we can know how our Heavenly Father feels about us. We can just ask Him and receive that comforting, confident witness. No matter what trials we experience, we can have that assurance. The Spirit was so strong. It was just one of those lessons where you know that what you are sharing is exactly what they need. It left no doubt in my mind that what we taught was out of inspiration, not desperation. I love that the Lord cares what we teach when things are unexpected.

Another time this week, we had planned the spiritual thought for a DA (dinner appointment) on service and gratitude. As we were about to share it, the mom said: This needs to be good, I've had a rubbish week and I really need a lift. (It wasn't in a rude way, it was almost a plea.)
We couldn't find the Mormon Message we had chosen to share (I love that all the members have technology. So convenient). So we were slightly panicking right in front of the family,which would be bad under any circumstance but we really wanted to share something they needed. So my companion just clicked on the one called "Lessons I Learned as a Boy". It tied in perfectly with what we had wanted to focus on, but it just wasn't quite what she needed.
I offered up a little prayer, asking that somehow we would know what Sarah needed. Right then, one of the kids piped up and said: "I'm so grateful for Mummy for always doing her best." And then started crying and ran into her mum's arms. The parents both looked so confused because they hadn't understood what she said. So we repeated it to Sarah and she started crying too while she cwtched her little girl. It was just the sweetest thing. What a tender mercy for her.
Heavenly Father cares even if it's just that we have a bad week. He understands. He wants to comfort us. And I love that. The love of God is such a personal, pervasive thing. And what a privilege. "But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance."
The gospel is just full of those little tender moments. I love it.

We are just so blessed.

Sister Miller week will be a short email. :) A member is taking us "castle hopping" for Pday. Oh I am so excited. I have only explored like four castles so far.


The night I became "Sister Bubblegum". Remember always doing this at Esplin reunions? I remember doing this in G&G's front room for ages. There were like ten kids at this DA, and they were going crazy. They absolutely LOVED this.

This morning a member drove us up on top of the mountain. The wind was wild and the air was just so fresh and the sun was out and you could see for miles. The birds were singing their hearts out. I felt like my soul was just going to explode with happiness. I felt like I could actually breathe out there. So naturally I just ran across the fields and threw my arms out. The hills are alive with the sound of music. But I decided to send you a nice picture instead of one of me doing that. haha.