Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Ready to Serve!

Serving a mission has been a dream of mine... well, for as long as I can remember. When I was little and discovered that college was just school, I told my mother I would never go (ha!) and I would serve a mission instead. I wasn't really serious about it until high school, when I really began to desire to serve as I began to understand what all it entailed. But it was so far off! I couldn't put in my papers (indicating that I was ready to leave on a mission) until I was 21. How ancient! I would never make it to be that old! And... and... I'd be soooo old!
This past October during General Conference, our prophet announced that sisters could begin serving mission at 19 instead of 21. I can't describe how excited I was!! I'm pretty sure I bruised my roommate's arm from smacking it in my excitement. And I didn't hear a word of the rest of that session of conference... I didn't have to wait--I could go now! Oh my. Oh my. I still get jittery when I think about it.
About three weeks later, I had finished all of the paperwork and appointments and everything and was simply waiting ("very" patiently, as usual) to hear where I would be assigned to.
Of course, I was taking a class where we talked about crazy diseases and parasites and such that were endemic to different areas of the world, which gave me anxiety issues about where I could be sent. And honestly leaving EVERYTHING behind for a year and a half to do the hardest thing I'll ever attempt. But all my fears don't matter now.
In one of the most spiritual experiences ever, I opened my call and knew immediately I would be serving where I was needed, and where was perfect for me...

                                               .....BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND!

Oh goodness. If you know me, you know how perfect it is.
And I cannot wait for the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the people of Birmingham!
Until then, I am waiting. Patiently, as always.(Okay. Let's be honest. I am never patient.) But still waiting.
Only 31 days left until I report to the England MTC!
From February 2013 to August 2014, I will be living in the big yellow region. Obviously it's yellow for happiness. So, I could be anywhere in a number of English counties, or in South Wales.
And just a few pictures that get me excited beyond all belief...
So, right now? I'm just waiting for the biggest adventure ever. :)

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