Monday, November 18, 2013

Nine Months.

Guess. WHAT. This week was my nine-month mark

 I woke up, and was just having a normal morning. And then I looked at my calendar and wondered why that date seemed familiar.

 Cue MAJOR freakout.

 How in the WORLD have I been a missionary for nine months?  I haven’t learned or accomplished half of what I wanted to. And I still feel like a new missionary. It’s not fair that I’m half done. I would love to restart with everything I know now.

But. I don’t really have a choice. So I dealt with it.


Well, first comes chocolate.

(As any sister missionary will tell you that is emergency procedure number one.)

And then I took some pics, did missionary work, and went on exchange.

Pretty much my life now.

This week, we met a woman named Hazel. She opens the door, sees we’re missionaries, curtly informs us she has a faith, and begins closing the door.


I’ve had enough of that routine. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to me!

So, as she was shutting the door, I say really fast: “No way! Well, have you ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints before?”

She paused and said yes. “Oh really? Well, have you met missionaries before?“

“Yes. And I listened to EVERYTHING that you lot teach, and I didn’t join your church. And I won’t.”

Really, she didn’t sound too nice, but the door was still open, so we kept going.

We asked her if she’d read the Book of Mormon as she met with missionaries, and she said yes.

“Did you ever pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true?”

And she stopped. And she looked kinda out in space, and her eyes got super teared up. And she just nodded and couldn’t speak. And then a few seconds later, she said: “Yes. I know it’s true.”
And to think it was almost just another slammed door.
She was really hesitant about meeting with us, but Hazel agreed to meet—to “just” chat and have a cuppa. (Which I’m fine with. I’ll just chat about the gospel, and the Holy Ghost will testify again to her that it is true. Sha-zam.)

And there’s been some other amazing miracles this week too, but I need to practice for my driving test so this is all you'll get.

Can I just say how much I love the gospel? The Holy Ghost is REAL. His job is to testify of truth. It’s our job then what we do with it. Agency is incredible. (Sometimes though, as a missionary, I hate it a lot.)

And there are just so many things that I love about each day. We’ve stopped SO many people this who are like “You don’t want to talk to me right now. I’m going through ____ and it’s making me question my faith.”

To be honest, that’s the PERFECT time to talk to a missionary.

And so the work goes on.


Sister Miller


Surprise, Mum!!
Just kidding. It's a weird tradition in my mission for sisters to take a pregnancy pic for their nine month mark. (If you ask me, I should hold a BABY for it. Come on, peeps.). I always said I never would do it. But what else do you do to celebrate?

Welsh love spoons! An investigator gave me not one, but TWO. Holla Holla. (Awkward, though: they originally symbolized fertility. Let's not read too much into that.)

Random exchange pic. Sister Macadangdang is from the Philippines and my exchange with her changed my life. I'll tell you about it sometimes (Maybe.) Sister Lambert is from Canada, but I'm pretty sure she's actually my twin. Just not identical. haha. I love my calling. So. Much. (Do you love how exhausted I look? Major photo editing will be needed from here on out.) photo not posted per request of Sister Miller

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