Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Wales" of a tale

Oh no. It's happening. I sat down at the computer to write you, and I CANNOT believe that it has been a week. Like, really.
What have I been doing?
And what can I tell you about it?

 I heard this would happen at some point. I was just in denial. Well, I guess the answer is missionary work!! We've had so many meetings this week. It's like seriously, I just want to go find and teach people. Let me go!
The sisters who just left this area left us no notes, no teaching records, and no rubbish bin! I can't tell you which is more frustrating to deal with. haha.
 But the work is SO good. I've knocked more doors in the past week than I knew was possible. haha. But I love it! Seriously. I feel so privileged to be a missionary. Sorry. I've been saying that a lot. But I feel like I NEED to! Really.
I LOVE my ward. It seriously feels like home already.... I get like ten "mom" hugs every Sunday. It is brilliant!
And I love the Welsh. The Saints here are just ROCKS in the gospel. I wish I could package up some of them so you could meet them. But I already ranted about them last week!

 So, we stopped this man who is a born-again. And he is so cool! He was telling us that he was a herion addict and his life fell apart when he finally gave in and prayed. He said he shares the gospel not because of what he can obtain by doing so, but rather because he cannot contain. So well put! It definitely makes you reconsider your motivations for living and sharing the gospel.
I love it when people teah me doctrine on the street.

 Also, I had another interview with President this week. It was so cool. He said that he felt impressed to tell me that I was EXACTLY where I was needed by the Lord right now, and that the calling that I have is because I could teach the sisters around me and help them reach their potential. No pressure. haha.
 BUT the reason I'm mentioning that is because he told me there was no way I could be prepared for this calling without my family. That they had prepared and supported me in exemplary ways. WHICH IS SO TRUE. And I don't think that I say it enough! My family is my pillar. I can't tell you how often I quote my family to my comps or in lessons.
Also, Amelia, I got my entire old district to begin calling a rebuking lesson a "Come to Jesus" talk.
 Basically, my mission is the best thing ever because I have changed my understanding of EVERYTHING.
And I couldn't do it without knowing I have a forever family!
And how much hope comes through trusting that that is possible!
 Sister Miller

 Marji, I am devastated that I missed your wedding. BUT, I know you know that I love you and was thinking of it all day. This is as close to the temple as I could get! xxx (I apologize for looking like a witch. It was rainy and super windy! You are lucky it's not a Marilyn Monroe style pic. haha.)
Welsh street! And yes, that is a two lane road. It's a JOKE. And I am "loving" driving on them. haha.

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