Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfer eight, we are great!

If you were wondering where Sister Miller was this week, the answer is Wales! Still!

Cue happy dance.

I was SO shocked. To be honest, I was half packed when the transfer dodge came. And I didn’t believe my District Leader. But I was more than willing to unpack. (Refold? Yeah that’s a different story.)

Sister Boots and I are still companions! It’ll be our fourth transfer together, which is nearly unheard of. But she’s practically family now so it’ll be great.

It’ll be a happy Christmas indeed! We are so excited. Now Christmas feels real, because I know where I’ll be for it.

 And don’t worry Mum, we have matching jammies and a set of stairs. Christmas traditions will still go on!

I seriously feel like a three year old, I am so excited for Christmas. Some of my favourite families are having us over, and for comp study on Christmas morning I will be telling Sister Boots the story of the other wiseman. Basically it is going to be wonderful.

Last night we watched the Christmas devotional. It was phenomenal.

And on Friday we had the Mission Christmas Conference. Please imagine nearly 300 missionaries packed into Harborne Chapel. (And Sister Rasmussen made “Cafe Rio” burritos for all of us. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.) Fabulous. It was probably one of my favourite days on my mission.

Basically if you couldn’t tell, this girl is excited for the best Christmas of her life.

And there’s not too much exiting about this week. (Well, actually. I’ll been ill for a few weeks and I stopped functioning enough my companion convinced me to go to the doctor. It takes her about thirty seconds... “Yeah, you have a double sinus infection and an ear infection.”     Oh, is that all? No wonder I felt nonfunctional. But, I’m all drugged up and feeling much better. So, we had limited adventures this week.)

I love this ward so much. I just want to share two stories from the week that just show how fabulous they are.

Monday night, we were over at the Llewellyns. ( They are some of my gospel heroes.) As we were heading out the door, Davinia stopped us and said that she’d bought something for us. And she handed us a roll of refrigerated cinnamon rolls.
Let me tell you, we were happier than Scrat finally getting that nut on Ice Age.
Apparently they have only been avail

able in the UK for about a week, and she knew her American sisters would love some. (Her American companions on her mission said that was what they missed most about Christmas.)
Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

And then we were over for a DA at the Headingtons. We had never been at their house before, but they told us where to park and everything seemed great. Nothing spectacular happened, it was just a nice quiet meal.

And then we went outside. And we went to walk to the car, and there were these beautiful, big shiny  blue gates there.


And our car was on the other side.


All nice and cozy safe for the night.

See, this is one of those moments that I will watch “on film” in heaven. I’m sure our faces were hilarious. Here we are, late at night and far from home. There is no way to get home safely.

And so I did what I do best. I laughed my head off. We decided the best thing to do would be to go back to the Headingtons and tell them what happened. Mortifying, I know:

“Hi, remember how you thought we were nice, intelligent sisters, and you gave us a golden referral a few minutes ago? Yeah. Our car is padlocked in an industrial warehouse...and we were wondering what we should do about that?”

Luckily they thought it was hilarious. And so her son climbed over the fence (which had spikes and anti-climbing paint on it) and fetched our flat keys. And luckily they had a car and were able to give us a lift home.

And the next day she came and got us before she went to work so we could get the car before it was impounded.

So basically, this ward is willing to break & enter and spoil us.
 And those are the adventures of the Merthyr 1A Sisters.


Sister Miller
Oh Christmas tree. :)
I drive like an American? I don't think so. I am officially a British driver! Yes! Goodbye, learner plates! (And yes, Dad.... hello insurance discounts!)

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