Monday, August 11, 2014

Last Call.

I honestly have no clue what to say today. I’ve been procrastinating starting this email.

In two days, I go home. It’s so surreal. I haven’t really grasped that yet—there’s always been another transfer, another week to try harder and to serve better. Up until this point, I haven’t really thought about it. I signed up for classes the same way you’d look at houses you’ll never buy—just for kicks.

Friday, I went to the mission home for my departing interview. It was definitely my favourite interview of my whole mission. The Spirit was so strong, and overall it was just fantastic. But it still wasn’t real that I was going home. It felt more like just a nice chat with President, and then we came back and worked.

Sunday, we were greeting people in the foyer, one of the members asked me (so sweetly!) if I was emotional. Psh, why would I be emotional? And then a thousand reasons to be emotional hit me like a ton of bricks.

 I am really grateful for the chance I had to speak. To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve only been here six weeks. The ward members were so sweet and kind when they said goodbye to me. My favourite were Delma and Peter—they are two of the Deaf members here. Peter told me he would see me in the Resurrection, and Delma told me she would always have a place for me in her heart. It was so simple, but meant so much.

Today, we went for a hike again. We hiked British Camp, where Brigham Young and Wilford Woodruff dedicated the British Isles for the preaching the gospel. And then we took the hike along the tops of the hills. We could see a huge storm cloud and rain falling on both sides of us. It was fantastic. Those hills will definitely always hold a piece of my heart.

I am so grateful that I was able to serve a full-time mission. I have learned so much from it. It was like taking a sketch of something, and then seeing the real thing. I can’t put it into words, and that frustrates me. It has been the most humbling, powerful, precious thing I’ve experienced.

I know that God called me here. He knew which of His children I would meet here, and He knew which refiner’s fires I needed to experience. As a whole, it isn’t what I would have chosen, but that simply shows how short-sightedly I would have planned it. I’m grateful that He did—because it was the one that I needed. I wouldn’t trade or give back a single day.

That’s all I have left—one day. Twenty four hours from now, I‘ll be heading to the mission home.

So there isn’t much time left that I can work. But we’re going to make the most of it.

Wednesday, I get to hug my mum and dad. I finally looked at the flight details the mission sent me and realized I’ll have to wait all flipping day for that, but it’ll be worth it.

Thursday, I’ll be in the temple and I don’t really care what comes after that.

Thank you for the support, prayers, and patience. I needed it.

Sister Miller.

British Camp is the place Brigham Young and Wilford Woodruff went to to dedicate the British Isles for missionary work.

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