Monday, June 3, 2013

Good morning, America!


That's got to be my favorite thing about England. No "How are you doing" junk. They all just say alright?

So are you? :)

This week, my companion and I toyed with building an ark. Seriously. It POURED all day for four days straight. And I discovered a few things:

1. My coat may be a raincoat in the US, but it's not waterproof here.

2. No one wants to talk in the rain. They all just magically disappear...they aren't outside, they aren't at home.

3. Even the crazy homeless man didn't come out in the rain.

But it was so cool. Picture this. You are out in the rain for like four hours. You have been completely drenched for about three and a half. Your longest conversation is about 4 seconds. You finally head home, and decide just to ring the buzzers in a building on the way home...usually super ineffective, but hey, it got you out of the rain for ten seconds.

Anyway. So we were ringing up and not actually expecting an answer. And suddenly this lady goes: Is ten minutes enough? Umm, okay. I think we can deal with that.

We ended up having an hour long conversation about the Book of Mormon. And she said like my favorite thing ever: "Of course I want to know if it's true. I've always wondered why God loved everyone but only spoke to people in Jerusalem. It just makes sense to me that He would give us another book of scripture so the two witness of each other."

AHHHHHHH. Best storm EVER! Unfortunately, Ania is going back to Poland soon. But hey, the church is true in Poland too. :)

A few weeks ago, Sister Mueller and I ran into this guy on the street. We were SO excited, he seemed perfect. And then his bus came and we only had half of his number. Guess who Sister Roscher and I found again on Saturday??? It just blows my mind how good Heavenly Father is. In a city of a million people, we randomly happened to stop the same guy twice. We invited him to church. And HE CAME!!! = He loved it. He's coming to the YSA FHE tonight, and we teach him on Wednesday. He said it's the first time he's felt at home since he came here. In case you aren't sick of me always saying this, it's a miracle!!!!!! I feel like I say that 20 times a day.

And OT recieved the priesthood yesterday. He was so excited. You could just see him glowing. He told us he can't wait to serve others, and go home and baptise his wife. :)

And one more miracle.

There's a lady in our ward named Beate, and her son and his family went inactive about three years ago. We stopped by, and invited them to come back to church and let us reteach their family the missionary lessons. They accepted, and came yesterday. I've never seen anyone look so radiant as Beate did. She just grabbed me and hugged me and cried. It was so fulfilling. I think that's why my setting apart talked about less-actives a lot. Because working with and reactivating a family can be as rewarding as finding a family to teach.

And actually, one more.

I just love Harborne so much. It's so diverse. I never imagined that the minority of people I'd work with here would be English. Yesterday, we had an appointment with the coolest family. I'll tell you the story in full when I come home because I can't do it justice here. In 1988, a 17 year old boy wrote his testimony in the front of a Book of Mormon (following Pres Benson's direction). Somehow, it ended up in Brother Anjum's hands in PAKISTAN. He read it, and KNEW it was true. He wrote Shaun, but because there were no missionaries in Pakistan, Shaun gave him the missionary discussions via LETTER. They corresponded for about 8 years before they got permission to have Brother Anjum baptized (for political reasons). Meanwhile, Bro Anjum shared the Book of Mormon discreetly with his friends. There were 32 families he met with each week and they studied the gospel together. Because of this single boy's testimony, there are now 5000 members in Pakistan. Bro Anjum and his family actually had to flee the country for their own protection, and are now refugees in the UK. I felt so privileged to sit at the table with this man and his family. They brought out files and pictures and letters. You could tell it was just so precious to them that they had the opportunity to live the gospel. It will probably be one of the most precious experiences of my life.

So go home and read your scriptures, and appreciate your freedom in living the gospel.

Love you all!

xxx (Sorry. They all do that here. Love it.)

Sister Miller


And the pics....

Brother Anjum's first letter after he read the Book of Mormon.

Were you wondering what Sister Roscher looked like? :) thanks for telling me our mutual friends, btw. And piece of advice: don't go in the phone booths. Stinky. I love being her trainer. It's a huge test of my faith, but it's changed how I rely on my Heavenly Father.

Mind that slow child. hahahahaha. My companion misread it, and was horrified.

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