Monday, June 17, 2013

I've been out for four months. When did that happen?!?!

Happy Monday! I've realized that as a missionary will be the only time in my life where I will love Mondays. So I'm trying to savour it. :)

Something I am learning how to see is the Lord's tender mercies. I have loved noticing them, but at the same time, it makes me wonder how many I've missed when I've been blessed by the Lord and just missed it, ya know? Remember how Sister Müller lost her planner and got it back? I had like the same thing happen this week. I had it at an appointment, but then didn't have it five minutes later when we GQ'ed a lady on the street. Obviously, I was super upset. Losing your planner is nearly as bad as losing your companion. Actually, it's kinda worse. And so for like three days I felt like I was Lehi in the mists of darkness.

And then, last night, we were walking home, and I saw something sitting on the sopping wet planner! I stood there and stared at it for five minutes. How the heck did it get there?? I had lost it about two miles away. There's no way it just randomly appeared there on our street. I still can't get over it.

Heavenly Father knew I cared about something so simple, and so He answered my prayer. Not because I couldn't have survived without this blessing, but because it testified to me of the love of my Heavenly Father. He cares about every simple aspect of our lives, and when we are willing to give Him our hearts and our wills, He can magnify us beyond our imagination.

And speaking of fathers, Happy Father's Day to my INCREDIBLE Dad. If you want to know how awesome my father is, just try keeping up with him for a day. He has so many talents, and is so good and truly knows how to love and serve others. I kinda already told him all this in my Father's Day card to him, but let's face it. That's insufficient. Everyone should know. One time a lady told my mum that my father had the most Christ-like eyes and demeanour she'd ever seen. And that is so true! My father has taught me how to love and serve others. Without my father's example, I'd be the world's worst missionary. Because he taught me by example, I know what I should be, and what I should become.

And if I write any more about him, my humble father will be slightly irate with me. :) Love you, Daddy!

We met with Steven again. Turns out he's not homeless. Whoops. (It kinda felt a little like Robots: Excuse me sir.... I'm a woman. Uhh....You too!) When we called him yesterday to see how he was doing, he said that he'd been reading in the Book of Mormon and that he found it “very satisfying”. For a man who has been hungering his whole life, who lost his family, and who can't move past his tragedies.... to find something very satisfying is a miracle!!!!!!!! But of course it is!! The Book of Mormon answers the questions of our souls. And if it hasn't answered one of yours recently, go pick it up and truly read it. No skimming, missy.

Enough lecturing. Want to hear about my crazies of the week? :) Admit it. Best part of emails from missionaries: the crazy and the spiritual.

A homeless man spit all over my face. My mother would be proud of me because I held my composure. I was feeling pretty bad for myself until one of the other sisters said one kissed her in Nottingham one time.

I got asked: What do you say to a man who prays on the ashes of his family members? Uhhhhh....goodbye?

We have this dirty (as in inappropriate) old man who calls us and asks us to “come teach him a lesson”. We tried blocking his number, but he kept calling us (and he called the mission home!). So we gave in and set up an appointment. He told us he would fix us a “special meal”. Whelp, I hope the Elders like it. I wish I could see his face when he opens the door not to Sister Texas and Sister Sassy, but to Elders Stern and Sterner! :)

Okay. Pics:

Apparently my comp has a love of snails. So we brought home pet snails. They ran away (super fast of course. ;) ) But this is Aladdin.

MY PLANNER!!!!! Oh I was so happy.

Sometimes we randomly come across these streets that I'm pretty sure are Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon wasn't home, though.

Love you loads!


Sister Miller


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