Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How is it already Monday??

This week was a hilarious combination of illness, travelling, and having literally every appointment cancel. So it was a little bit frustrating. But the good news of the week is:    uh, well..........Darth Vader is Luke’s father!
Just kidding.  Figured Mum would love that. J
If you have a moment, get on Google Earth and look at Tewkesbury. I was there this week and fell in LOVE with it. The town is perfect, and the River Avon is just covered with houseboats. It was great. And the people were so great! “Yeah, you can come back and talk to us more.” Really??? Okay! I tried to hide my shock a little bit.

Random sidebar. Guess WHAT. Remember Steven ,from Harborne? He went to church last week! YES! And he said he felt so comforted. Which is a HUGE step for him. Hopefully I’ll get to forward you picture from his baptism at some point. That would totally make my day!

We did meet with Martin this week. He showed us a tract from another church, saying that he had agreed with it until it said that all pain and suffering was a result of the Fall. He said: I just can’t believe a loving God would have designed it so that we could screw it up so easily and then just be miserable.

Pretty much.
 So we read in 2 Nephi 2 with him: Men are that they might have joy!
I love the Gospel, It just makes SO much sense! And Martin loved it too.

Also, we ended up having a surprise first lesson with a recent convert’s housemate. It was one of the most hilarious things ever. With both of them, we need to keep it simple, so we were teaching with Resto cups. We’ve barely started the lesson, and I’m LITERALLY in the middle of a sentence: “God always calls a prophet so---“

All of a sudden, Richard interrupts me and goes: “Edward, how do you feel? You excited to get baptised?”

Where did THAT come from???

And Edward goes “Yup. Sounds good.”

Hahahahahahaha. Not how we had seen it going down. It was hilarious. But, hey, I can deal with it. And now I constantly interrupt my comp and ask her how she feels about being baptised. (Missionaries are so easily amused.)


And, personally, I felt so blessed this week. We went on an exchange with the Cardiff sisters. We usually switch at night so we can be at home in time for planning. We had just started the exchange, and I was just not feeling the greatest. Out of the blue, Sister Hamnett just goes: “How would you like a footrub?”

Which normally I would consider awkward. Hello, you’ve only been my companion for an hour. Personal space policies definitely apply.

 But it seriously was an answer to prayer. Which sounds really goofy. But it’s true. And that’s what I love! Those little tender mercies that show that Heavenly Father is totally aware of my needs.

I love being a missionary. Seriously. I get to meet the grumpiest, happiest, and strangest people in existence, and tell them about the Best News there is. And it can help them! It’s beautiful. I love it.

Ta! have a good week!
Sister Miller


This is one of the churches in Ebbw Vale (which is one of the Valleys). We were tracting a street (on a steep hill over town) and suddenly BOOM! It just popped up out of nowhere.

This week, we had to go to Cardiff! Three times, which means I can now drive to Cardiff and back without a SatNav. haha. (I can't remember what a SatNav is called at home. It tells me where to go.)
So, I had to drive in Cardiff City Centre on a Saturday night. We were just slightly traumatized by the experience.  (Sorry I find this kind of pic much more entertaining than nice ones. Don't worry I do take some nice ones.)

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