Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HOW is it September????

This week we did an exchange in Milford Haven. If you want to see the most beautiful place on earth, google Pembrokeshire. Seriously. Their branch is surrounded by water on three sides. So all of their little Welsh towns are all nestled down in the bay. It's beautiful. I was in heaven.

Also, this week we drove through a town (in England) called Huntley. I shrieked with excitement and gave my comp a heart attack. haha. Where did the Huntleys in our family come from, again?
I wasn't in Berkshire (I don't think) but I was just wondering.

Also, We drove to Gloucester twice this week and then we go to Swansea today, Birmingham tomorrow, Evesham on Wednesday, and Cardiff on Friday (and again on Saturday). I seriously feel like an itinerant preacher. haha. It just means that half the lessons I teach each week are to people I'll never see again! It's frustrating!

Other than that, the missionary work is good! There's an investigator we work with named Clive. He's been investigating the church for ten years. Yep, that was not a typo. He literally started seeing the missionaries in October 2003.But he's incredible and said that this is the year he'll be baptised. So he only has four more months! Yes!!! ;)

We gave them a chapel tour, and took them right down into the font and read Mosiah 18:8-10 with them. It was one of the coolest moments as a missionary. We were worried that it might seem a little weird, but it wasn't at all! The Spirit was so strong. Clive and Bev were both really touched. For ten years, he has been coming to church almost every week without fail. But it was the first time he'd been in the font. And it was funny--you could tell he kinda didn't want to come out. (Dang it! should have had a priesthood holder hiding in the background.)  Our goal is to get him back in it soon. Sister Boots and I teased that we should write every missionary who's served in Heads for the past ten years and have them send a name badge for his baptism. If we took his picture in front of them, it would look like a black wall. haha.

And we met with Martin again this week. We taught him the Restoration (last time he'd been a little too chatty for us to get much doctrine in). He didn't talk through the whole thing. I was a little worried...how did he go from being the chattiest man ever to being dead silent? Helllllo?? And then he told us that he believes the Restoration happened. He believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
Uhhhh, sorry? Can you repeat that??? That was music to this missionary's ears! We were just flabbergasted. Not all ALL what we expected. You don't hear that much here in the Valleys.

OH! And other good news: Kristen was baptised in Harborne yesterday!! YES!  I got to call Sister Roscher last night and see if the baptism actually happened and it did! She said she'll email me a picture, so hopefully I'll get to send that home to you. And steven is set to be baptised in three weeks. And Tony will be baptised in a week. I wish I wasn't missing them all, but they happen! And that's what matters.

Other than that, I'm just knocking on doors and talking to people all day! It's pretty great, but it makes for short emails.

Sister Miller

Pics: (I'll send another email with more :) )

My comp hit her year mark this week. Which means that her American license is no longer valid here. This is apparently how she feels about being my passenger 24/7. haha.

The viaduct we explored last PDay. And we picked blackberries and made a crumble. It was DELICIOUS!!!! Guess which bucket belongs to the farm girl. haha.

Bay at Milford Haven

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