Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tudo vem?

As a missionary, you learn so many skills you never would have guessed.
Some things I have practiced that I didn't expect to: Ironing other people's laundry. Balancing on chairs doing service. Translating 'medical speak' for my companions. Holding a squat for an entire dinner appointment because I didn't think the chair was safe. Swallowing burningly spicy food. Holding in fits of laughter. Holding my tongue (okay, I guess I knew that one would happen). Secretarial skills. Changing a tire (in the pitch black, pouring rain next to a large motorway. In a skirt. Without a jack.). Putting out a fire.

If you actually read that, you may have noticed I lit myself on fire this week. It was actually pretty funny. I'll reenact the story for you someday.
(Some people may have the goal to “light their area on fire”. I believe in cutting to the chase and just putting myself ablaze. It saves oh so much time.)
(Btw, I wasn't hurt. I couldn't salvage my shirt, but I was totally fine. Not even a mark.)

And as long as I'm sharing funny things from the week.... Sister Dorado was on the phone, getting an appointment approved with the insurance people. They were trying to find her on the system and so they asked for our mission president's name.

She said: President Monson.
Hahaha. Close, Sister. Close.

But on to The Work.
First off, have I ever mentioned how incredible my ward is? Every week, we have Ward Coordination. But it's not your typical coordination. Some new missionaries walked by, and saw the meeting, and asked how Ward Council went. I love answering them and saying: Actually, that's not Ward Council. That's Coordination.
There's a representative from every auxiliary. They are there, completely invested and ready to take action. They are there to help us so fully and completely. Members and missionaries. Coming together. They take on so much, and are so good at carrying out the work for the Lord. Truly, miracles that happen in this area are fully the result of the members. They give us names and referrals so consistently, and they are really hastening the work in our ward. I just feel so privileged. Each week, I look around the room and see the miracle of the gospel. I love the blessing of being a doing, caring church.
So. If your ward doesn't have that, have a think about it. :) I loved what our Stake President said yesterday.... The Lord has commanded us to hasten the work. That means the pace we were working at before is not enough. We must do more. Each of us, every day, must do more to be more committed to the gospel.
Great, eh? I have come to learn to love being called to be better.

This week was so good. My favourite lesson I want to talk about is with a woman named Lynnette. She recently lost her father, and feels she has no purpose in life. This time, we taught Plan of Salvation.
In the leaflets, under little diagram of the Plan, it has the steps of the gospel. As we taught, I saw her focusing on that step.
And so we were talking about finding a joy and a purpose in our daily lives. She said: this is all good, but I wish that there was something I could do. Wouldn't God give me something to do?
Isn't that great? We can find so much joy when we take advantage of the gospel. Of course our Heavenly Father would give us things to do.
(Side tangent to go with that: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=2649250157001 )
And so we talked about baptism. And she said something else that I just loved: More important than baptism is what I would do after it.
Of course! I love that. Making covenants is so crucial, but it's meaningless without keeping them. I love our Heavenly Father's Plan. It's desired and tailored so perfectly to each of us.
So she's praying about it and we'll see.

I love the gospel. It just makes so much sense. And I love sharing it. It is just so good.
With that said, have a good week. Do a little more this week.
That's my goal.
Sister Miller


This is Sister Dorado and I. Figured I'd finally send a pic. The girl is Amirah, who is getting baptised next week.

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