Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love you!

Sad fact: my parents will never again be so excited when they see that I am calling home. haha. It’ll just be a mundane thing for the rest of forever.
Oh well. ;)

I loved it. I am so glad we get to call home.
It was SO good yesterday. Not going to lie, I was crazy nervous. Like, butterflies in the stomach nervous. Which sounds so weird. The longer the day went on, the more I realized I had no idea what to say. Which is stupid. That’s my family. So I decided to treat it like a lesson and lay some framework for the conversation.
(Yeah, that’s right. Total missionary nerd.)

But ya know, ask my mum if you want to know how well my two ground rules worked. ;) Probably the most hilarious thing of my life.

But. The WORK.

This week, I had the greatest blessing of all time. I got to go back to Merthyr on an exchange. Again. The butterflies. I was so crazy nervous.
Which sounds ridiculous. I have never loved anywhere in the world like I loved that area. I was there for nearly eight months, and changed so much. The Welsh Saints there are beyond precious to me. So many times when I was there this weekend, I just kept thinking, is this a dream, or is this a reality?
I was also blessed that the Sister I was with let us stop by a few people. There is one family I worked with quite a bit while I was there, and they mean the world to me. I’ve felt so strongly prompted for about a month that they are having a hard time, and have just prayed my guts out for them.
And I got to see them. I was so happy I couldn’t even speak. I just stared at them with a ridiculous smile on my face. (It’s okay. They did the same back.) Hopefully what I shared with them was a strength. Either way I’ll keep praying for them. I just kept staring at them, wondering if somehow I had conjured up the whole day.

Selfishly, it was one of those mission moments that was just for me.

Basically, just so blessed this week.

We’re teaching a girl named Alessia—have I mentioned her yet? She is just fab. Between the last two lessons, she didn’t respond to well to our contact. So I was pretty nervous coming into the lesson. We didn’t know how she was progressing, and I don’t like that.

When we asked about her reading, she was like “I’m not going to lie to you, I had a rubbish week. And I just thought it was just another thing to stress over. So I put it off till yesterday. I wish I would have read it sooner, because it helped so much. The more I read, the more I realized this was true and can help me in my daily life.”

And then we had just the most incredible lesson ever with her. She said that she realizes that commandments are not to hold us back, but God’s way of helping us get the most out of our lives.

I loved that. That’s what they do! They help us grow. And the scriptures help us so much before and in our trials, not just after.

So. Read it and weep. In a good way.

I love you!!!!


Sister Miller

Okay. One of my all-time fave things here is banoffee pie. Every night on the phone, the district leader asks: Is there anything we can do for you? And for nearly everynight for over a year, my answer has been BANOFFEE PIE. And finally, someone made me banoffee pie. YES. Best gift ever.
(Part of the "price" of the banoffee pie was that I announced it in my email home. So, thanks Elder.)

Banoffee pie from Elder Battles

Also. This truck made me die.  can see my mother designing this. haha.

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