Friday, May 2, 2014

Caerdydd=Cariad And that is the extent of my Welsh. haha.

Happy Monday!!!

One of my favourite things about Mondays in Cardiff is that we email at the library in City Centre. We are one the fifth floor, and the windows look over the entire city of Cardiff. It's jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

If you remember how much I ranted last year about loving spring, you’ve probs been bracing yourself for it to start again. If not, brace yourselves right now, because it’s about to start.

 Life advice for you: if you want the most magical spring of your life, come to Cardiff. It is so beautiful. It’s the perfect picturesque old-fashioned/modern city, but it’s right on the beautiful bay and there is so much going on here. Basically, best place on the planet.

And if you want it to be more than magical, come be a missionary here. For reals. It is amazing. We spend almost our entire day GQing on Queen Street. If I ever forget I’m in Wales, I just have to look down the street and see the castle. Bah!

I love this place SO much. And the people. I cannot even describe it. (I feel like that weird little groundhog thing on Ice Age that like refuses to leave its hole… No! This is my town!)

Anyway. The WORK. This week, Sister Eldredge and I have worked harder than I have felt like I’ve worked for awhile. Not that I don’t work, but I felt like the energizer bunny. And if we ever felt ourselves slowing down or getting discouraged, we stepped off into a side street, said a prayer, and then just kept going. So much energy. It was cool. We came home at night completely shattered, which is one of the best feelings ever. (Even if you are too tired to even move after closing nightly planning.)
I love my companion. It’s such a good balance between the two of us.

And we found some flipping amazing people. I'll just share one.

We had a first lesson with a girl named Alessia. (She’s from Pembrokeshire… I went there on exchanges a few times and it felt like a fairy tale land.) When we told her that there was a living day prophet today, she was floored. “You have GOT to be telling people about this! This is absolutely incredible!!!” She loved the Book of Mormon, too.
About six months ago, she started praying for the first time. She has just been so prepared. And I love what she said—that she had really just wanted to express gratitude to God. She’s never asked for anything, but the first thing she will ask to know is if the Book of Mormon is true, and if Joseph Smith is a prophet. In her prayer, she thanked God for sending her on the journey of the gospel.

Oh, and also. Shallow side rant. She's the makeup counter manager at Debenhams and is giving us a free makeover later today. YES.

 There have been so many miracles this week. I wish I could share them all.
Basically, I love being a missionary. What a precious time I have been given. And I still have more people to find!

Actually, all of us do. The work is not done yet.

1 Nephi 7:12

Sister Miller


The bay. Not the best pic. But I haven't really taken many this week, sorry about that. I will repent and get better ones for next week.
Okay. I understand forced marriage is not a good thing. But I feel like any YSA sometimes feels like they should call this number. The pressure! ;)

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