Monday, June 9, 2014


We had a lot of bittersweet miracles this week. (It felt like everyone went two steps forward and five steps back.) There were so many witnesses that we were exactly where we needed to be, doing what we had to be doing. So even though a lot of things didn't work out, I know that what happened was meant to be, and I am trying to just leave it in the Lord's hands.
But I will say that my companion and I have been so blessed. We have been so unified in our lessons—so many times it has felt as though we really are “one” as we teach.

Also, Dad... fast update on Antti. He is SO solid!!! He has the most serious, genuine questions ever. He really wants to know. So keep him in your prayers, but he is great.

So, cool thing.  We left Beulah’s after our lesson with her, and literally right in front of her house was Keith. He was sitting there just staring at the river. We didn’t really have time to stop and talk to him, but it just didn’t seem like the best idea to leave an alcoholic right next to a river, ya know?
So we plopped down next to him, and asked him what he was thinking about. And he told us that a lot of people have committed suicide in that river. Ah. Comforting, Keith.
We started talking, and we pulled out the Book of Mormon to address some of his concerns. We were explaining to him, and suddenly, this girl (who had been walking by behind us) jumps in and says: “Excuse me, is that the Book of Mormon?”
“Um, yeah.” (I know. Highly intelligent answer. Good job, Sister Miller.)
And she goes, “Oh, good. I’ve been studying it. Do you mind if I join in?”
“Um, no.” (Again. So inspiring.)

She had the most fabulous questions ever. She was so sincere. She had been meeting with the elders here in Cardiff, and then went back to London, and is in Cardiff for a month again. (We tried to get her to agree to meet with the elders again, but she said no. Which kind of crushed our hopes. And then she said that she’d meet with us instead, if that was okay. yeah, that's definitely okay.)
Before we closed the lesson, we used her phone to show that mormon message 'Because of Him'. People were slowing and watching it as they walked by, and one guy kept riding his bike slowly back and forth to see it as well.
It was so cool, in such a ‘hardened’ place to see people who could still be touched by the spirit in a unique way. The guy on his bike came up after the video finished and asked to meet with us as well.

I have never had any thing like that before, and I was so grateful for it. People actually wanted to talk to us! And they were completely sane! That right there is a one time thing. haha.

Also. The other miracle of the week. We usually walk to church with Beulah. She was about five minutes late, and as she came up she asked if we had come and rung her flat at 9am. We said no. It turns out that her alarm hadn’t gone off, but at 9am, someone came and rang her flat. She answered it, but there was no one there.
Heavenly Father definitely wanted her to come to church on Sunday. Before my mission, that would have been a weird point that someone attributed to a miracle. But now I know differently.

Love you all!!

xxx Sister Miller


I wish you could tell, but it was absolutely chucking yesterday. So naturally I had to jump in puddles.

On the river, there are swans everywhere! There were probably at least sixty swans there yesterday. They are seriously one of my favourite things.

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