Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Man, I see those girls everyday. They go EVERYWHERE together" Yep, we do :)

So. I’m going to start with a movie reference. That’s right. Sorry to be slightly dodgy, but it is exactly how I feel.


If you know that’s from Tangled, three bonus points in my book. :) My trainer and I used to say that all the time.
This week has been full of the best days ever. Can I just say that I am so thankful for the many tender mercies of the Lord? This is truly His work. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

I can’t even tell you every thing. You know how I get so excited sometimes I forget English and just happy dance everywhere and squeal? Yep. That’s where I am now. (Yeah, my companion is learning that side of me now. haha.)

Let me try to tell you why. :)

Okay. Antti. We taught him in a park one day (we couldn't get a member), and just gave him the d.l. on the priesthood. He doesn't get authority. So, we were just whipping out loads of OT verses and examples in Acts, and then I pulled out Dad's priesthood line of authority card. Let me tell you, I am so grateful I have that. I can't even count how many times I have used it. It should be in the "pack this" list.
As we taught, I had one of those cool moments again where the reality of the gospel just hits you. This really is the restored fulness of the gospel. We asked him what it would mean to him if the authority to act in God's name had been restored through Joseph Smith. I felt like it was the first time he really internalized our message.
He said : "Well, I guess it would mean everything I believe in is wrong, because it doesn't have all the truth."
We clarified that he isn't wrong, he has been prepared to accept the fulness. He's on a date, but it hasn't clicked. We think it kinda freaks him out, but he doesn't tell us what is going through his head. Frustrating.
And there is a Finnish YSA girl in the ward who came with us for another lesson. She just testified to him in Finnish for a long time. It was really cool.
We weren't really sure how to move forward from there at first----his concerns are not your typical PMG concerns. But during planning, we had direct revelation on what to teach him. It's gonna be good.

And Maqsood. I cannot tell you how incredible this man is. He asked us for 5 Uurdu copies of the Book of Mormon, because he has friends that cannot read it in English and he doesn't have enough time to keep translating it for them. He has shared the gospel with everyone he knows here, people he works with, and people back in Pakistan. He keeps apologizing that he hasn't brought anyone else for us to teach yet. He asked if we could get him a badge, and if he could come out teaching with us. This man is going to change the Church in the Middle East with his testimony.

Also. Chalk up another "first" for Cardiff....We started teaching a psychic. Like, a proper psychic medium. I know. Right?
She is so cool, though. I have so much charity for her. She could feel the Spirit immediately when we pulled out the Book of Mormon, and nearly started to cry when we read Moroni’s promise. And she wants to be baptised--she said that se feels like that is what God has asked her to do now. We put her on a date.
She has a long way to go, but I have complete faith that anything is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. None of us are past the point of change.

Also, we keep running in to Keith. (Moses on a Motorbike). Everywhere. We figure there has to be a reason for it. So we gave him a stack of cards, and asked him to pass them out. He asked who to give them to. We said anyone. So he is!
Also, he calls us and reads out of the Book of Mormon to us-- "Sisters, is your Book of Mormon handy? Let's crack it open to today's reading.". It cracks me up. He always picks where he reads to us from, and he always comments over and over about the power of it.

And biggest miracles of miracles is Jennifer. I wish I could tell you everything. It’s almost too precious to plaster everywhere in this email though. Remember how I shared about her singing I am a Child of God? This week she had one of the most amazing experiences ever. Maybe I'll tell full details someday.
After our lesson with her last night, she didn't want to leave and neither did we. So we just sat there, grinning like fools and just feeling the Spirit. We had like a twenty minute lesson and then just sat there for ages. I was just so happy I didn't want to think about doing anything but sit there with her and thinking of how miraculous everything is.
Knowing her for just a few weeks has really changed me and my understanding of how the Lord works.
Basically, our God is a God of Miracles.  "Has the end come yet? Behold I say unto you, Nay; and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles." (Mormon 9:15)
Sister Miller

The Bay.

When you put in the Elders in charge of District PDay, they will remember the grill.... and the food..... and the sports equipment, but not the utensils. haha. (Also: these are disposable grills you can get for a pound. Cheap fun.)

On our way to Zone Conference. I can't tell if this is the one with the hilarious guy in the back or not, but his face was great. haha

I assume the same campaign is going in the US, but look! Share a Coke with Suzanne. :) xx

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