Monday, July 14, 2014


Goooooooooooooooooooooood morning, everyone!!

So. This past week was transfers.

I was moved. You are going to have to keep reading for a moment though because I like pretending I can leave people in suspense. J

I’ll give you this though…for the first time in nearly a year, I’m not in Wales. (I was gutted to go.)

Leaving Cardiff was a lot harder than I expected. I thought that because I had only been there for four months it would be easy. So not true. I just loved how…vibrant the city was. I could seriously write a book on the people I met and taught and the members there. So many characters it’s unreal.

My last night, I was sung the Welsh goodbye song, made heart-shaped Welsh cakes with a member, and got loads of unexpected sweet goodbyes. Basically, it was perfect. I am so thankful I served there, and know it was definitely called of God. It’s going to be my favourite city for the rest of forever.

And now, I am in….Worcester!!

I know. Go to your cupboard, pull out the sauce and think of me. Try to pronounce it as well.  ;)

Wuss-tur. Wuss-tur-sure.

So, when we got the dodge, I was told I was whitewashing in after elders. Which was cool. And then when we were dropped off at our flat the first night, there was absolutely nothing.

By process of elimination, I found out I’m not just whitewashing—I’m opening!!

Flip. I cannot tell you how UNBELIEVABLY excited I am. I have wanted to open an area my entire mission. AHH!!!

It’s been so great. We had no food or supplies, no map, no Area Book, no ward list, nothing. (Luckily the zone leaders gave us the few copies of the Book of Mormon that were in their car along with some pass-along cards.)

I’ve never been so excited to buy a map.

Basically, this is the best thing that could have happened to me.

Just so so chuffed.

It’s been an adventure. My companion’s name is Sister Moser. I’m pretty sure she is Aunt Judy’s doppelganger. She’s an absolute doll, and I love working with her. We have just been working like nobody’s business. So far, my time here has consisted of finding. Which probs doesn’t surprise you.

Our area is half of the city of Worcester, and then Great Malvern, about 6 miles away. So, the famed Malvern Hills and Worcester Cathedral are right at my fingertips. This area has SO much potential. There’s a huge uni here (which is dead for the summer but will be amazing in a few months) and then Malvern has hardly been worked over.

So basically, this place is amazing. The ward is all really old people. (in testimony meeting yesterday, there were loads of long pauses. But it was simply travel time for people trying to get up. Haha)

But that’s okay. They were SO excited when we went by and met them our first few days here.

I love this area already. Hopefully I’ll have good things to share for next week.

Oh. Cool story on LDS newsroom. I love the quote from the European Mission Pres.


Sister Miller


Sister Moser and I!

Worcester Cathedral, England.  The view from the bridge. Can you see why I fell in love with this place?

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  1. What a beautiful Cathedral. It reminds me of the Sound of Music. One can imagine the music coming from the halls and into the countryside. Enjoy every moment. What a blessing.