Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15, 2013 so. much. to. say!!

This is going to be a short-ish email this week. Mostly it's because I feel like writing my parents an individual email this week instead.

And this is a special week!! Four score and seven years ago, on the 18th of April, my parents decided to be married for time and all eternity in the House

of the Lord. (just kidding, Mom. I know it's only been 86 years.) And I will be forever grateful for that dedication, and the example they've always shown

me. Families are forever!

Happy Anniversary!

(Weird fact: Sister Muller's parent's anniversary is the day after yours. So it's a special week for both of us)

This week was incredibly difficult.

I think I talked to every rude person in Birmingham this week. We had sooo many appointments lined up for the week, but half of them canceled. Which is heartbreaking. And we were sick. Which always makes for a great week. (Not. Being sick as a missionary literally went like this: “Do you want to watch the Joseph Smith movie again, or listen to Conference again?”)

BUT. The Lord took the worst week ever and made it rock. Because He does that sort of thing.

We're teaching this man named OT. He's from Ghana, and is the most soft-spoken person I've ever met. But he's incredible. He came to General Conference. When we taught him this week, he brought his friend Gina. As we were teaching her about how vital it is to have the proper authority, he goes “And that's why it's a miracle that we have a prophet today. President Monson is a man of God, and listening to him can change our hearts.” Wow. Yeah. You can just teach her. Go, OT!!! When I look at him, I seriously see a Stake President. We don't get to see him often because he's in the midst of taking his finals, but he's awesome.

This transfer, we have a “theme”....Come Unto Christ. It's based on Mark 4 when Christ calmed the storm, if only we trust in him. And so our goals this transfer are crazy high because we want to “Come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him” (Moroni 10:32)

One of our companionship goal for this transfer is to EXPECT miracles! Shortly after breaking our fast yesterday, they began. Like really just poured out.

We got about five calls in a row that were all answers to prayers. Like literally hung up the phone and it would ring again.

Best of all, Sian came back! She's been through a horrible few weeks. But I think that she's now so much more ready for the gospel. We asked her when she was happiest in her life. She said it was before her dad died, when she was three. That the only times she's been really happy since then have been at church. That broke my heart, but also made me rejoice that she was now more ready! Yesterday, I seriously TACKLED her. A little much enthusiasm. But she still loves me anyway.

And then our of the blue this morning, we had a lesson with a woman. When we got to her house, I thought what can we offer her that will make her want the gospel? She has a beautiful home, a husband, a daughter...everything that usually satisfies people so they don't think about needing God. But I was so wrong. Her son was born stillborn last year, and so she has struggled with that again and again. Her goal for this year was to develop a personal relationship with Christ! Oh, it was wonderful! The plan of salvation makes so much sense, and brings so much peace!! Oh, I love it!

I hope America is wonderful. England is great. Spring here is seriously like the Celestial Kingdom.

I love you! Have a great week.

Sister Miller

(Yesterday I told someone I was Sister Muller. I don't even know who I am anymore!!!! :) )

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