Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 guten tag!!

Hello, everyone! :) I can't believe it's Pday again. I feel like I write home a lot more than I expected to. So maybe I'll just take next week off so I feel better. ;) I wouldn't do that. Getting emails from home is my favorite thing ever.

This week was like a rollercoaster. A really big one. Tuesday was the best day of my life. It was good enough it could have been on the District. Seriously. The sun was shining AND it was warm, and we had four of the best lessons ever. (And we ate fish and chips.) I'd been getting frustrated with OT because no matter how many times we explained priesthood authority, he didn't get it. On Tuesday, though, I randomly decided to read Matthew 16:19 to him, and explain priesthood in that way---that it HAD to come from Christ so that it had the authority to be in effect now and in eternity. (Random, right? It's not one of the standard scriptures to use. At all.) All of a sudden, you could just see a CLICK. And OT said my favorite sentence of all time: “How long will it take to put together a baptism?” Well. Since you asked, I guess....


And then we had a lesson with Ann. She's so hesitant, so scared of being judged at church. And so we brought Lynn, the lady whose baptism I told you about a month ago. And they were instant BFFs. Members make the difference!! Truly, when members become involved in missionary work, miracles happen! Go ask the missionaries in your ward if they have investigators that need fellowshipping. Please.

Wednesday and Thursday were NOT worthy of the District. In fact, they could have been recorded as days for a missionary horror movie. Well, they weren't that bad. But we got lost, we got in an accident with our bikes, all our appointments stood us up, we were soaked, and they were the longest days of my life. Weird, though. I was still happy. .....really deep down, but still, I was happy. I LOVE getting to talk to people about the most important thing in the world. I LOVE being able to serve others all the time. I LOVE England.

A few new things they say: "lush". I don't think I ever heard that in casual conversation at home. Here though they use it a lot to talk about food. And my FAVORITE word is whinging. Instead of "they were all whining", they say "they were all whinging". Say it: whinge whinge whinge. Oh! And zucchini doesn't exist over here. They are called courgettes. And eggplant is aubergini. Even this farm girl was confused.

AndI've picked up a lot of my companion's habits. In Germany, they say dinksbooms (that's phonetically spelled. haha) instead of what's her face or thing a ma jig. I love it. And I'm eating beans on toast way too often for my tastes, but when you're with a German.....

I've noticed something about the people here. You could put me in a room where I can't sense anything and let me talk to an Englishman, and I could tell you EXACTLY what the weather was based on their mood. They are like walking barometers. If it's a beautiful day, people will stop and chat and show interest. If it's bad weather, they are beyond grumpy. It blows my mind how they reflect their environment so exactly. It's kinda cool, though.

Oh. And we met the winner of the Crazy award. We knocked this man's door, and he just started bashing us. We were trying to escape when he told us his beliefs. He thinks that Christ simply was a healer because he gave people marijuana. He said the Bible is secretly a legend of the history of the powers of marijuana, and that Christians were persecuted because the Romans didn't want people to discover the miraculous properties of marijuana. (sounds like a National Treasure type story line.) Okay, sir. I think you dropped your ticket to PyschoDruggie Town over there.

I don't even know what else to share this week, so I'll talk to you later! I love you all! Choose the right. The church is true, the book is blue.

Sister Miller

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