Monday, April 29, 2013

How in the world is April over already?!?

Okay. I have to start with the most HILARIOUS thing. After district meeting this week, we were getting our supplies and post from the zone leaders. We were chatting about one of our investigators, who recently was married through an arranged marriage. And Elder MacArthur turns to me and says....

“Should we get married?”

I just stood there for a few seconds. How do you react to that?? I figured somehow I had misheard him. Because there was NO way he just said that. And of course there were like 10 sets of missionaries right there, and they just exploded with laughter.

Best. Thing. Ever.

I'm sure he meant to ask a question about something else. But this was the most HILARIOUS thing of my life. When we have our nightly call-ins now, my District Leader always asks if I have an answer for Elder MacArthur.



I'm slightly committed for the next 16 months.

And I've been super amused by that all week. And that was the main thing I wanted to tell you. So bye! Just kidding. But still. It can't get much better than that.

But it does! Remember OT? He's the coolest man in the world. Every time we teach him, he always teaches us. Last week, we asked him what he got out of his reading of Alma 32 (he's been studying this chapter over and over again for like 2 weeks. He just loves it.). He tied the word being like a seed in your heart to the parable of the sower. And he testified to us that WE are the sowers, and that we should never get disheartened. Because some people's “tree” will take a long time, but we should never lose hope, because there is always someone somewhere who is willing to listen

Wow. It was so precious!!! We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week, and he said that those were blessings he wanted and needed. He told us that he knew it was a commandment from God, that of course God wants us to take care of our bodies because it shows that we love what He gave us. He said: “Well, I do drink tea, though. What can I do instead?”

What miracles would happen in the Church if each of us were willing to give up our habits so easily! What can I do instead? What better habits can I have to bring me closer to the Lord? AHHHHHH. He's just the best!!!

This week, we got together with two sets of Elders in our area, and drew a Plan of Salvation on the ground. We stopped people walking by and taught them from it. IT WAS SO COOL! It was such a good approach to be able to talk to people about why we are here and where we are going! And it just is so logical. Every time I teach the Plan of Salvation, the Spirit testifies to me of the truth of it. It's like the whole gospel, so beautifully simple. We are the ones who complicate things. In reality, it's just that we lived with God, and wanted to be like Him. Because we make mistakes, we needed a Savior. Through Christ, we can be cleansed from all our sins, and attain our goal of being like God and living with Him. Doesn't that just ring truth to your very core? I just want to grab people and say listen!!!

I just feel so blessed to be a missionary. There are so many people who are hurting, and just need to turn to God to find their peace! And I get to help them and watch them do it. I LOVE it.

There's not too much else I want to share this week.

Oh. Wait. A comment on dinner appointments. Please feed the missionaries. Coming into a member's home and building a relationship with them is SO powerful!! I love them, and usually my love for them has nothing to do with the food. Here, though, it's interesting. They always serve you, so you have no choice on how much you get. And they seem to think we can eat their whole house single handedly. Haha. There's a lady in our ward named Tracy. She's super energetic and never does anything half-heartedly. She invited us over for dinner. This is what she served: two kinds of potatoes, spring cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brusselsprouts, swede, and porkshops in a mushroom gravy. It was seriously the best meal I've had since I came on my mission. There was soooo much food though!! And do you know what she said to me?? Sister, you've taken so little dinner! Noooo. Too much. Too much. And then there was trifle for dessert. So much food. And she was disappointed we'd eaten so little! (You can tell she normally feeds Elders. Haha.)

I love you! I hope you have an INCREDIBLE week, and are enjoying the weather. Whatever it is. It's all I know how to talk about now that I live in England. Haha.


Sister Miller

And the pictures....

this is the house on the corner of my street. I'm in love with it. It is so....English! and it's teal and has a beautiful back garden. In case I decide that I won't be leaving England, this is where you can find me.

England! I don't get to see too much of this since we are normally in the city. But I love it all the more for that!

This may appear to be a posh house with a mini cooper in front. If you look closely, though, you can see the horsehead in the front entry. Which seems weird. Until you realize that it is Ron Weasley's house, and that is from Wizard's Chess. :)

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