Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy birthday, America! ( A little late. But hey.)

If you've been watching the weather, England has been HOT this week. And it's funny. They complain about the heat as much as they do about the rain.

Oh well. It makes for a good conversation starter. :)

As does Wimbledon. For the past two weeks, any time we've been in someone's home they've given us the Wimbledon update. Apparently there's been loads of upsets and such. I pretty much just nod and say “wow” when it seems appropriate. My favourite though is how the all the windows for all the shops have tennis balls or rackets or something that tie in with their normal d├ęcor.

Painful moment this week: we had about twenty minutes before we had a lesson with a less active family, and we hadn't had dinner yet. So we bought fish and chips and enjoyed them. Of course, we were stuffed afterwards.

We get to the family's house, and the mum apparently had decided that we had a dinner appointment with her. She brought us loads of appetizers, and then darka (I'm not sure how you spell it. It's a really heavy Indian dish.). By the time I got through that, I thought I would die. And then she carried out bananas and ice cream for dessert. By the time we left' we were in SO MUCH PAIN! I've never eaten so much in my life. Horrible. Good thing we were bussing that day....biking would NOT have been pretty! Haha.

We met with Tony a few more times this week. This kid is incredible. I don't remember what all I told you before, but he's a Chinese Uni student. Funny stoy: when we talked to him about the Sacrament, he said “oh! I wondered what that was. I thought maybe everyone got hungry by then so we got a little snack of bread and water. I wondered why you took so little.” hahahaha.

When we asked what made him believe in God, he said he was confident that God loved him because of all the little blessings he had—finding friends, getting in the program he wanted, and being able to bless his family. He said he could feel that God just wants us to be happy. What a sweet testimony! And his prayers are so precious and personal they almost break your heart. He has such simple faith, and full confidence in God. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he said that he knew that was the happiest future he could imagine, but he wanted to make sure he'd be with his family in the celestial kingdom. :) Of course! How else could we achieve full happiness?

And I love that. Full happiness is living with God and our families. There is nothing else worth working towards in this world.

We had a few lessons this week where I was simply trying to not to break into laughter. When we were talking about the Great Apostasy, one investigator told us he knew that happened. How, you ask? Because they started mummifying people and cutting off their heads and burying them in pyramids. So he knew that the Church had to come fix everything and teach then about what the resurrection actually meant, and that's why we just bury people now.

Oh boy. Someone fell asleep a little too much in history class.

Also, having a companion around at all times is interesting. We were reading Pres Monson's talk about obedience to a less-active, and when it said that he left Danny in the field and ran to get matches, my first thought was Oh no! He left his companion. Haha. And then we had a guy on the street say “Are you ALWAYS together? I see you all the time,” And it was shocking to me to go Oh yeah, we are!

But it's all good! :)

Life is just so wonderful. And I'm so grateful that I get to have the gospel, AND share it with others.

Chin up, buttercup!

Sister Miller


The pics:

Fourth of July picnic! A little different than normal, but it was probably my favourite 4th of July celebration I've ever had. For dinner, we had tacos, onion rings, and ice cream. (hey, it's as close to America as we could find in the store.)

And when we got home for the night, we lit mini sparklers (which are hopefully legal.) and quietly sang The Star Spangled Banner. It was just so personal and precious. I loved it.

And then a random bus pic.

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