Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harry Potter IS applicable!

This is the driest July they've had in 250 years. Which is brilliant. I've been in heaven, not carrying around a raincoat all day for the past two weeks.

Again, sorry to begin with a weather report. It's all I know how to start convos with anymore! :)

This week went by so fast. I seriously can't figure out where the time went. It felt a little bit like I was just running into a wall all week...putting forth effort and getting no where! Agh. It was so frustrating. So bear with me today, people.

But, we went on exchange this week. I love it because the Sister Training Leaders are in our ward, and so we already know and love them, and kinda know each other's areas. Sister LeFevre and I had like the best day ever. Want to know what we did? Finding! All day! Surprise. And it was really fun. Which seems weird to say, but I'm coming to love days where all you do is find. (Don't tell President or he'll have me whitewash the rest of my mission.) But, then we had some appointments that night. New FAVOURITE food in the whole world: Greek moussaka. It was SO GOOD. Why I have never had it before??

And then we had a lesson with Paige, a 16 year old recent convert that I think I've mentioned before. She's adorable. We had planned to talk to her about preparing to serve a mission (hey, even if you don't go, prepare like you will.), but it was just scattered and weird and frustrating. And I was really disappointed, for some reason. I just really want Paige to know how precious of an experience it is, you know? And so I felt like I could have somehow done more for her. But her mum told me on Sunday that Paige told her she's going to start getting ready to serve a mission. Best. Feeling. Ever. I'm still smiling about it.

And Steven agreed to let us do the stop smoking programme with him this week. So, please pray for this man. He's an insomniac chain smoker. Which makes it difficult. But he wants to quit so badly! He's been so scarred and hurt in his life—he's the only living one left in his family, and he's gone through some horrid things. But, when you ask him what it is he wants, he says he wants a family, a job, and just to be happy with simple things. Did I tell you about how he prayed to know how to get peace and opened the BoM and read about baptism? He showed us the scripture this week: 3 Nephi 27:16. He said that he feels so empty, and he just wants to be filled and be happy. Which is what he's been promised! Dad, I wish you could meet him. I feel like you two would just 'get' each other, for some weird reason.

Oh, And I found out something really sad this week... I don't exist! We stopped a man who says that Christ is just an African tradition carried throughout the world, and you can see origins of the Bible from Africa. (I know. Where do all the crazies get this stuff??) Can I just say I love having another testament of Jesus Christ so they can confirm the truth of each other??? But then he said that Mormons don't exist, that they are a myth made up by the American government. Hahaha. Dang it! I was so bummed to discover I'm not real! Oh well.

In other news this week, we rewrote the Harry Potter Puppet Pals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a family we has a dinner appointment with this week. We knew they'd love it because they are really into Avengers/HP/Doctor Who/etc. I have never seen anyone so excited about a spiritual thought. And on Sunday, one of the kids was singing it as he went down the hall: Faith, faith gotta have faith! (In stead of Snape Snape Severus Snape. Admit it, it IS kinda catchy.)

And that's what it comes down to! Faith, faith, you gotta have faith! This morning, I read the talk by Elder Kopischke (Who is from Sister Muller's ward!). It was about being accepted of the Lord. That's honestly one of my biggest fears as a missionary, that my efforts are “good enough”. Which is embarrassing to admit in a mass email home. But what the heck!

BUT, according to D&C 97:8, all we need to do is have an honest and broken heart, a contrite spirit, and keep my covenants! It was such a beautiful peaceful realization. And I felt like I needed to share it in this email. So hopefully whoever needed that actually had patience to read to the end. haha.

Another random gospel discovery(it's not mine. But I LOVE it): Go to Moroni 7, verse 26. Read the fourth line, but instead of moving down to the fifth line, move ACROSS the margin: See what it says:


And that's what we are to do!

So do it!

Have a wonderful week.

Sister Miller


PS...The doctor's office called this morning to make an appointment. They asked if I was Miranda Miller. And I had NO idea what to say. Am I? It felt so weird to hear it put together like that. My companion had to holler “YES” from across the room. Haha.. Which is pretty embarassing. Emery probably knows her name better than I do right now. :)

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