Monday, January 6, 2014

2014: We partied it up. (As in: we went to bed early and loved it. haha.)

Do you know what I love so much as a missionary? Sharing the Book of Mormon. There is not a single doubt in my mind as to the the truth of this book. I know it is scripture. I know that it was written for our day. And as a missionary, I have seen that time and time again. So many concerns can be answered with the Book of Mormon. And this week taught me that even more.

We met a guy named Wayne. He did the “not religious” routine, and was shutting the door, and in passing happened to ask if we were Americans. Let’s just say the horrid weather made a wonderfully ironic backdrop...he looked so confused and asked us what was important enough to bring us to Wales in the middle of winter. Ha! Good question. Let me explain.

And so we shared the First Vision. I love that. Whenever I share it, the Spirit just testifies to me that it is true. And they can feel it. If God spoke to prophets before, why not today? And I love the witness that God and Jesus Christ are real, that they are separate and they are perfect. They know us perfectly and care for us completely. I know that Josep

h Smith saw Them in that grove of trees. I know that They answered his question, and he was called as a prophet of God.

 He just about snatched the Book of Mormon up out of my hands. Because it’s that second witness, that crucial testimony that enabled the full Restoration of truth.

So the man who was about to shut his door invited us back. And that’s just one of the smallest of miracles that comes from the Book of Mormon.

We went to this little town I’ve been wanting to go to since my first day in Merthyr. The first like twenty doors were a fast no and quickly slammed shut. And then we were bashed by a few different people.  Basically, I was quickly wondering why in the world I had always felt so drawn to this town.

 And then we met Gareth. Actually, we met Tina and she was going to shut the door in our faces, but he heard the conversation and came out and asked us some questions.

He’s a psychologist and a conspiracy theorist.

Interesting combination. And his questions were quite direct: “So, what’s your spin on God, then?”

Eventually we started talking about the Great Apostasy, and his eyes lit up. (That I think was the conspiracy theorist coming out.)

And then we talked about the Restoration.

“What’s your proof?”

Again, this is why I love the Book of Mormon! He was pretty excited. He told us he couldn’t promise to read the whole thing by this week when we go back, but that he’ll read at least ten or fifteen chapters.

Uh, okay. I think I could live with that.

Also, in case you were wondering, my companion and I have a Welsh boyfriend. His name is Carl. He was just about falling over himself all morning today while Sister Boots was getting a haircut.

He asked where I was from, and I said America. And he said “Wow, your English is really good.”

I’ll admit, that caught me off guard. What do you say to that?

“Thanks. I’ve been working on it for a long time.”

And then he asked what language we speak in America.


And he just looked so confused.

I told him I was from near New York City.

And he asked if that was were The Fast and The Furious was filmed.

Maybe I don’t actually speak English. There seemed to be quite the language barrier there.

So don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere too fast. Even though he did give us his contact details so we could be sure to get in touch with him once we’ve finished our missions.

Oh the possibilities.

Have a brilliant week! Be sure to work on your English skills, everyone. ;)

Sister Miller

I just love this. Sorry if it seems random.

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