Monday, January 13, 2014

Short and sweet.

Are you frozen yet?
Good. Winter just started.
And that's the depressing thought of today. ;) Just kidding. It's now staying light until about 4:30. And I am so thankful for that. Such little things mean so much.

This week, we met bashers and crazies. I think there must have been a requirement that to talk to missionaries this week, you had to be absolutely bonkers. There were so many times when we'd be teaching or finding, and suddenly I would realize that this person has just lost the plot.

Minor example. This one guy really loudly and rudely told us that we were crazy: that in life, we were born to work to die. We tried testifying and teaching and it just did not work. He walked away and we kept GQ'ing. Pretty normal. Then about twenty minutes later we see him coming back up the street. And he sees us, waves him arms, and hollers:” Hey! You've converted me. I came back!”
And then starts giggling like he's the funniest thing ever. So naturally I hollered back: “Good. So you'll be baptised now?”

Funnily enough, he said no.
Next time, maybe.
There's always hope for next time.

And just a random note: I am so thankful for my daily personal study. It is such a protection and a strength. I've been pretty good about reading my scriptures for most of my life, but truly studying has not happened regularly enough. I have felt so blessed by it. Pondering has made the gospel so tangible to me. I just felt like I needed to share that this week.
We are God's children. He created us so that we can act and choose for ourselves, and not just be acted upon. Our covenants with the Lord bind us to use that agency wisely: to go the extra mile and be anxiously engaged in good, not simply passively involved. For me, that begins each day in studying and pondering. Then we are given the chance to apply it, and then to account for it to the Lord. It's a pattern of becoming like Him. Check the pattern you are in.

The gospel just makes so much sense. I love it.

My week's was a little bit crazy. We had Mission Leadership Council in Birmingham, and then three exchanges back-to-back with all the sisters in the Cheltenham Zone. So it's kind of annoying because I can't really clearly remember my week, and my companion can't tell me what I did. Because we were not together. Which I am not used to.

My email is uber short (and scattered!) today because we have a crazy day. We've started taking appointments during P-day on our weeks where we lose a lot of travel time. So, know I love you and that I want you to have a great week.

I love you all!!!

Sister Miller
All of the Midlands are flooded. This is Tewkesbury. Normally the Abbey doesn't have such a pretty reflection in the water. The River Avon and Severn have just overtaken everything!

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