Monday, January 27, 2014

The week I became posh. (Yeah, you know that's a joke.)

So, this past week was transfers. I didn't mention it last week because I was convinced that I would go. And I didn't want to.
Logically, it made so much more sense that Sister Boots would stay here for her last transfer and I would be moved. But transfers are guided by revelation, just like everything else in the gospel.
My work in Merthyr Tydfil is not done...... and so I stayed!!!! I was just so chuffed. Really.
It was so weird saying goodbye to Sister Boots. We'd been companions for nearly six months. I'm still a little convinced I'm on exchange and that she'll come back. Haha.

But my new comp is Sister Dorado. She's originally from Bolivia, but has lived in London for the past few years. She's been out about the same as me.
She's pretty much the definition of posh, and so I was more than a little nervous. I could just picture myself trotting along after her like an idiot: Where we goin', thunder?
Which is ironic, because I have had more fun with her than I knew was possible. We just laugh all the time.

Like for example. This old man answered his door in just a towel. And stood there talking to us like that was totally normal, even inviting us to come in. I just knew I was going to bust out laughing. There was no way I could talk to him and take it seriously. So I looked at her, hoping she would talk, but I saw that she was about to crack up, too. So I handed him a pass along card, and he FINALLY closed the door. I started to laugh as I told him to check out the website. And then we both sat in the middle of the street and just died laughing. We probably looked like total nutbags.
My favourite quote of the week: Sister Dorado: "It's like a whole different language. It's not English---it's American." :)

Oh yeah, I also spent loads of time in hospital this week.


(Mum, did your heart just stop for a second?)

A sister got ill and needed surgery so we were going on lots of splits with her and her comp.
No worries, Mum. Hey, something has to make my emails more interesting.

Also, I had a new experience this week. We taught a pair of twins (did I mention them before?) for the second time. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and let me just say that I wish all investigators were as excited as they were. They were literally on their hands and knees begging their grandpa to let them get baptised. I think I could deal with a few more people who felt like that. :)

I just feel so blessed to have stayed in Merthyr. I love this area so much. And that's my week in a nutshell. Changes and consistency. With all the moves and sister in hospital, there isn't too much interesting things to share. Sorry about that.

This week I've studied Alma 7:11-13 almost every day, and have gained so much insight into my Saviour's Atonement. I am just so thankful. He understands each of us so completely because the Atonement wasn't just for our sins. It was for our heartaches and struggles and sorrows. He knows exactly how we feel when we experience things, and we can apply that and find full healing. Full healing is available through the gospel of Jesus Christ. What good news. I would give anything to grasp the magnitude of it, but I am so grateful nonetheless. (Hmm, that just made me think of Alma 22:18. What would you give away to truly know God? I love that question.)


Sister Miller

If you are a HP fan, this should look familiar. :) It's actually Gloucester Cathedral. Gorgeous, eh?

Raglan. I am obsessed with this castle. Someday I'll actually get to go inside.

(I will send a pic of Sister Dorado and I next week.)

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