Monday, April 7, 2014


Heya, Family!

Guess what I did this weekend. I watched conference! Man, each time I watch conference I just get a confirmation that we truly are led by modern day prophets and apostles. What a privilege.

Didn’t you just love the talks? There were some that just spoke so personally to me, and were literally what I needed that day. You cannot tell me there is not modern-day revelation.

And this week was so good. We taught so many new people this week.

One’s name is Beulah. She’s from India. Basically, she is the sweetest woman alive. We taught her for the first time Tuesday night. When we pulled out the Book of Mormon, she said: “Oh! I know that book! Last night I was googling life after death and read about that book. Can you tell me more about it?”
The Spirit was just SO strong. She readily accepted an invitation to be baptized and is so excited for the Book of Mormon.
When we taught her the Plan of Salvation in our next lesson, she wasn’t as accepting. Which surprised us. But we invited her to pray to know the truth of what we had taught. And the session of conference she attended was PERFECT for her and for her concerns. Afterwards she said that she just felt so light and good inside.
Oh I love that woman.

And we also taught a man named Gareth. Our mission president gave us some amazing training last week. He suggested that when we kneel for the closing prayer of a lesson with an investigator, we first offer a personal prayer, just as we would if we were praying on our own, and invite them to follow our example. That way they speak from the heart rather than merely trying to imitate our prayers.
I did that, and then we invited Gareth to pray. He did. I just about started crying. Which shouldn't surprise you. Sister Waterworks, over here. The Spirit was there so strongly. He thanked Heavenly Father for letting us meet him, and said that what we taught made him feel valuable for the first time in a long time. And then he just poured out his heart.
 It was beautiful. One of my favourite things about my mission is hearing people pray for the first time. Hearing the shy faith move towards greater confidence is just so powerful. I love being a missionary. I love it with my whole heart.

I cannot wait to finish listening to conference. I love you! Have a fabulous week.

Sister Miller

Pics: Millenium stadium. Not the best pic, but I haven’t taken too many pics recently, so you’ll just have to live with this one. =D

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