Monday, October 14, 2013

Same subject as always. Missionary stuff!

This week was so amazing. I feel like my testimony of my Heavenly Father's love for and awareness of me grows so much each week. I think I mentioned that we keep having people make appointments and cancel on us, yeah? (Oh man. I have to break the habit of saying that. It's a Valleys things that they say a sentence and add “yeah?” at the end. It's like they doubt that I can listen to a whole sentence unless they are checking my comprehension.)
Anyway. We kept getting flogged on this same street. We got flogged FOUR times on it. Which is ridiculous, yeah? And we didn't just set up appointments on the doorstep--some of them we met in town and they just happened to live on this street. So, basically, I was starting to HATE Darby Crescent. On Tuesday, this lady asked us to come back in an hour. So an hour later, we come trooping up the steps. And find a very very dark house. I could hear her inside. Subtle, right? I'd rather just be told that you aren't interested!
And the next day we got a text with a Media Referral. I don't know about other missions, but those are rare and precious here. And guess where this lady lived? Darby Crescent. She'd seen us coming and going on her street and wondered what we were up to. Then, we had GQ'ed her in town, but she felt so vulnerable because her dad had just died so she didn't want to talk. I have no idea how she found the website. I have no idea how she even figured out what church we represented! Basically, she is a miracle. And the gospel will bless her life so much!
It's been really frustrating few weeks, but Heavenly Father wanted us to find Sarah. Each heartbreak on Darby Crescent was totally worth finding her. She's a young mom. She's incredible. It probs sounds way weird, but I just love her so already. I feel like I can sense just how much she means to her Father in Heaven.
Basically, I'm excited.

This week, Martin told the member in the lesson that he knows when he meets with us that I would lay down the law, and my companion would explain why. Which I find hilarious. For some reason I just know I can be really bold with him. Example: Martin told me he tends to procrastinate. So I asked him to read Alma 34:32-34 and reflect on how he thought that applied to his life. He loved it.

On Friday, we went to Benbow Farm and the Gadfield Elm chapel. (I think the pics from it are up on the mission's blog.) It was incredible. It was so humbling to sit in the oldest operating chapel in the world and think of the purity and the faith of these people and the sacrifices they made. We sang More Holiness Give Me. It was utterly brilliant. The hymn just expressed everything. I felt like my heart would burst. And I guess that's what drives me. I'll do whatever it takes to become better each day. I love it so.

Yesterday my ward was reorganized. It was combined with the Merthyr Tydfil Ward, and we are now the Merthyr Tydfil First Ward. Most of the members expected it, but some were floored by it. I am now so grateful for my Corry/Warren pinball experience. I feel like I was specifically called to be here for these people at this time for a purpose. I feel like I understand what they are feeling. So it'll be an uphill climb. But it'll be so good for the ward. And I look forward to helping them see that.

If you have a few minutes to spare, go look up D&C 27:15. In it, we are given three directives. Follow all the footnotes and see what you learn. It blew my mind. But the scriptures do tend to do that a lot.

Random tidbit of the week: I miss tumbledryers. I think the first time I get to use one again, I may cry with joy. But I'll miss their radiators. They are great for drying out your coat during lunch break or for having a hot towel when you get out of the shower. There should be some happy medium of here and home with Cafe Rio and crumpets where I can be ridiculously happy. haha.
Random fact: There are 3 million people in Wales. 7 million sheep. Which are easier to chase. But harder to baptise. ;)
Another random factoid. Chasing sheep is illegal in Wales.


Sister Miller

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