Friday, October 11, 2013


Can I just say I have the BEST family in the world? Really. I opened up my emails today and spent forever just reading them and loving them. The video Dad sent of Emery melted my heart. And gave me a slight panic attack. She’s not my baby anymore!! So much has changed since I left home.

My family is so good. Which I thought of so often this past conference weekend.

I feel like each missionary has their personal study “rants” that they go back to again and again. I shared one a few weeks ago about coming to look like Christ. Did you notice how many conference talks mentioned that?? My other is about learning the value of work. That’s what we are here to do! And it won’t stop with this life. So our task is to learn to LOVE work. Not being busy, but enjoying working. And I grew up with such an example of that. Exhibit A: My father! Exhibit B: Oh! Hey! That’s my dad again. (He must’ve finished working on Exhibit A and moved to Exhibit B).

So, if you can’t guess: my favourite talks were Ulisses Soares and Edward Dube. SO. GOOD. Basically, it was my study rants. In Conference. It was great. Preach it, Brethren. And I loved Elder Scott’s. And Elder Holland's. And President Monson’s. Actually, let's be real, I just loved them all. I was so sad last night when the last session was over. BUT, it’s okay. I’m in the UK...there is another session I haven’t listened to yet! (It’s like “Mrs. Claus” for Conference! J)

And as a side note, I would like to mention that I didn’t bribe any of the Apostles to talk about member missionary work. It is just true doctrine. My favourite sentence of PMG is: As your understanding of the Atonement increases, your desire to share the gospel will increase. And that’s so true! And it doesn’t have to be fancy. And if you are super shy about it...share it until you aren’t! J It’s perfect. It’s pure. It’s restored.

Ah. Conference. A year ago yesterday changed my life and answered a prayer so private I hadn’t told anyone. I KNOW there is a living day prophet who receives revelation. It’s a beautiful thing. And it is meant to change each of our lives. So, shall we finish, or shall we falter?

As for the rest of this week, it’s been crazy. We LITERALLY had TEN working hours in our area this week. Ten! How do you function only doing 10 hours of missionary work?? But Heavenly Father was so good to us.
Remember how I said last week was the FIRST time I’d ever been let in while door knocking? Well, we got let in again. I was in shock. Is this real life? And Gareth and Jane were lovely. Basically, Heavenly Father knew we wanted to do our best in our own area, but that we had limited time. So we just had loads of miracles crammed in to itty bitty living space. And then we had Conference. Talk about AMAZING.
And our exchanges this week were SO good. I love learning from these Sisters.

And that’s pretty much it.

Except for a random comment:

I was really hoping that I could learn how to imitate the accents over here. Well, no. It’s just too beautiful to even attempt. But I have perfected my American accent.

Everyone thinks that Americans sound like one of two things:

1.       OMG. Like, totally. Like, SO TRUE. Like, what was she thinking?
2.       I thought I saw a UFO, but it turns was just a dead squirrel.

If you can't figure out the voices for those in your own head, well. Try again.

I love you! Have a great week!!!
Sister Miller

This is the view from Wolf's Castle. We took our lunch break here the other day. Is this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen or what??

Tewkesbury Abbey. Built in 1121. Which kinda blows my mind.

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