Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy St David's Day!

Good morning, America! This has been such a good week. Really. Saturday was St. David's Day. I was SO glad to be in Wales for it! There was a Stake Twmpath on Saturday night to celebrate it.

In case you were wondering, a Twmpath is a Welsh barn dance to traditional music. They had a live folk band. All week we were madly inviting everyone we could to it. Basically it was like my favourite thing of my life.
A few people we had seen on Ward Reach Out Night came. It was pretty entertaining to watch this one older lady dance with the stake president. I could totally picture my dad doing the same thing.
The Elders joined in to one of the dances. Watching them do the promenade together was absolutely hilarious. I about fell out of my seat. (Basically, I love good clean fun.)

I hate to tell you, but I think I prefer St David's Day to Dr Seuss day. All the girls were in traditional red checked Welsh dresses and the boys had soot on their faces. (In honour of the miners.) Basically the cutest thing of my life. My poor children are going to wonder why their mother is dressing them up and blackening their faces. Haha.

This week, my favourite moment was in a lesson with Stephen and Carys. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and you could just see that I made sense to them. Carys asks the most beautiful, simple questions in the world. She asked if we thought God cared enough about her to know everything she went through. Isn't that just beautiful? My heart was just so full as I testified to her that I knew God did. Each one of His children are infinitely precious. He doesn't have a file-o-facts about you. He knows you. He understands you. And through applying the Atonement of His Son, you can change. I love that promise.
And something I have seen over and over again is that the Spirit brings confidence. And it does. We invited them to be baptised on a date, and quiet Stephen said with full confidence: I would. I would do that.
The Spirit was just so strong. I am so grateful we get to make covenants with our Father in Heaven. Nothing else makes sense. I have such confidence in His promises.

Onward and upward. I love you!
Read Mosiah 2 this week.
Sister Miller

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