Sunday, March 16, 2014

Guess what. The sun is SHINING. It's beautiful. Life does not get better than this.

This past week was transfers.
Again I was NOT looking forward to it. Erego why I didn’t really dwell on it and mention it.
It’s kinda like a forced breakup. Oh, hey, you are totally happy here and loving your life? Good. You’ll leave on Wednesday. Thanks.
And let me just tell you, leaving Merthyr was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But you know what, it is totally called of God. And that’s the miracle of being a missionary. You have a forced break up and then can madly fall in love with your new area.

Maybe I should stop waffling and tell you where I am.

I stayed in Wales, which was an unexpected  but pleasant surprise. (There aren’t too many areas in the Wales part of the mission compared to England.)

I am in …………. CARDIFF!!!!

And oh my goodness I am so madly in love with this city. I’ve been here on exchanges loads of times and was beyond all excited to come here. There’s just energy in this city. ( I have this image in mind from Oliver & Co where they are singing about the rhythm of NY. Like that, but better.)There is so much wonder and potential here. It’s so invigorating.

Also. I got released from being Sister Training Leader. Which was bittersweet. I loved that extra opportunity to serve and was so blessed to have that calling. President called and released me and told me that he’d never seen anyone work harder than I had for the last five transfers. Which meant a lot to hear him say that, to be honest.

But, for the first time on my mission (and I’ve been out a year!), I am a “normal” missionary. I’m not a greenie, I’m not training, I’m not Sister Training Leader.

I’m just me.

Sister Miller.

And I have the full time and talents to give solely to my own area. It seriously just feels so good.

And there are so many good things happening in Cardiff. We have solid investigators, and the potential to just work so wholeheartedly. The mantra I’ve had my whole mission is that I can work harder. And that’s what we are going to do.

(If you can’t tell I am more excited than chocaholic in a candy store, then you don’t know me.)

We’ve taught so much already since I’ve been here. We were teaching this one guy named Bobby. We are thinking of dropping him because he is just not progressing, but that’s another story. He asked why God wanted praise. He said that he was confused why a perfect all-powerful God would need us to say thank you.

And the Spirit taught me an important lesson when I answered, one I've heard a million times but just needed to internalize. God doesn’t need us to say thank you to validate Himself. We are to be grateful and thankful because of the change it renders in us. Isn’t that amazing? God is our perfect loving Heavenly Father. That is a lesson I have learned over and over again on deeper levels and I am so thankful for that lesson.

Top miracle of the week: Amirah got baptised and I got to go back to Merthyr to see it. Even just getting there was a miracle—all trains were suddenly cancelled (we think someone may have jumped on the tracks) and we caught the only bus by just a minute.

Basically, this week in a nutshell: The tender mercies of the Lord are overwhelming, and I will do all it takes to serve Him fully.
In Cardiff. :)


Sister Miller


Okay. So this is one of my fave shots from last PDay. We went to an old mine and went down in it. Like, we wore proper mining gear and explored, and then went to a castle. It was fabulous and just amde me appreciate this people so much more. I can't see if this is the one that had a rainbow visible in it, but there are some of those ones somewhere.

Oh yeah. PS. My new comp is Sister Reed, who is from Cambridge. She actually came out into the field with Sister Roscher's group. She is a rock

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