Monday, March 17, 2014

Just one story this week

Today, I am in Wales. I have an English Companion. There are Scots everywhere in kilts because of the rugby match this past weekend, and I am celebrating St Patrick's Day. Talk about a British day. haha.

This letter will be brief. J Not really. I just have one crazy story that I want to tell and I want to paint it clearly.

I have had a crazy, emotional, up and down week. I can’t even describe it. So I will just go with one story.

The sisters were teaching a man named Tim when I got here. He was on a baptismal date but had only had a few lessons. I was here for quite a few of his lessons, and he was meant to be baptised this past week. He had passed his baptismal interview and everything.
We had an appointment with him on Thursday, the night before the baptism. He shows up and we were excited for the lesson we had planned.

(Oh, and just to give you an idea: picture a “surfer dude” look in his 40s… Tim has long hair and a permanent tan and all his wrinkles are smile wrinkles. He has such kind eyes and is one of the most kind people I have met.)

Anyway. He shows up and sits down and says that he has something to confess that he should have done a long time ago.

If that doesn’t send up a red flag, I don’t know what would.

And this is what he says: “Sister Miller, I’ve kind of already told Sister Reed this before you came. But I want to make sure you know who I am.”

Again, I was freaking out on the inside---what is he going to say????????

And he says: “I am actually Christ the Lord. I am the promised Second Coming of the Messiah.”


There was like a minute of dead silence where he just stared at me and I just stared back. (This week, I learned the true meaning of the word flabbergasted.)

Tim: “I can see you don’t know what to say to that.”

That would be the understatement of the year. How do you respond to that???????????

And the silence carried on. I looked at my companion but she was as shocked and unsure as I was.

Great. Okay.
So I asked him a few questions. ~He said he first knew he was the “second Christ” when Madonna served him champagne and told him he was the “big amigo”.
He laughed at me when I asked if he thought he was the return of the same Christ from Jerusalem. He said: Don’t be silly, He lived 2000 years ago.

Of course. Don’t be silly Sister Miller. Ridiculous question.

At that moment, I said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever said. I needed God’s words, mine would not suffice.

And then suddenly, I could feel the power and authority of my calling. I knew without a doubt Who I have been set apart to represent, and I just started testifying. I had no idea what I was saying until I could hear myself say it.  I testified of who Christ actually was. I said that Christ has been the same since before the foundation of the world. I testified that Christ was Jehovah,  that He spoke to every prophet before His birth, giving clear signs so we could not be led astray. His disciples in America and Jerusalem handled His Resurrected body, and gained a personal witness of His wounds and His role of Saviour. I said that Joseph Smith offered a witness that it has been the same Christ throughout the history of the world.

I told him that that was the Christ that I was the disciple of, and it was that Christ who would come again in great power and glory. The only scripture I could think of was in D&C 45:52 ( which is also in Zechariah 13 I believe) and I told him that (if for no other reason)  he could not be Christ because it was the same Person who would return, and the wounds in His hands and feet would clearly testify that He was the Redeemer of the World.

I never imagined I would bear testify of Christ like that. It’s a little weird to say, but I learned so much. The Spirit just testified to me so strongly of the nature of Christ, and Who it is that I serve and am looking to return.

I wish I could just convey how weird this situation was to you. He asked if I “accepted” him even when he was not what I expected, and I said: “No. I know who I serve, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And He has not yet returned.”

The Spirit was so overpowering. In case I had wondered if he was telling the truth, I had such a distinct witness that he was not. I am so grateful for prophets, that they recorded their testimonies and revelations so that I could have clear signs that could testify to me who Christ truly is.

Then he turned to my companion and asked if we should adjourn the meeting. I thought he was asking her to leave with him and I had a minor heart attack.

Some other crazy things happened, but that’s enough for you to get the picture.
It kinda broke my heart though. This man may be slightly crazy now, but he is my brother. And I would give anything for him to accept the truth.

So that’s my crazy story for the week.

The plan for this week is to not have any more stories like this. :)

But. I love you. have a good week!!!!!!!!!

Sister Miller

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